The world is not flat, but that does not mean speakers, too, should maintain a spherical shape. In fact, Hannes Harms has come up with a special design on his latest boombox, where he intends to do away with the unnecessary. That means a reduction in material, volume and components – resulting in an extremely flat piece of electronics. Makes sense as such design aesthetics do seem to keep up with the times. Take a look at our smartphones, tablets, and notebooks – don’t you think that the “thin is in” mantra seems to be the mainstay these days?

Boomboxes are traditionally large, loud and thick, but the school of thought that Hannes Harms wants to explore here is something flat which is made out of a perforated sheet of acid-etched stainless steel. This stainless steel sheet measures a mere 0.5mm thin, where it will accommodate the speaker components in a single place. Imagine shipping this speaker to another place elsewhere – boy would you be able to cram in far more speakers into a truck in order to turn Ikea green with envy. No idea on when this super slim boombox is going to enter production and a mass release though.

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