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Bosch Wants To Use Tiny Explosions To Make Electric Cars Safer
Sometimes cars can explode and catch on fire upon an impact following an accident. While some might assume that electric cars are safer due to the fact that they don’t have a fuel tank, that’s not necessarily true because with the vehicles being outfitted with so many electrical components and the battery, fires and explosions are also a possibility.

Bosch Unveils Electric Stroller To Help Push Your Baby Around
These days it seems that a lot of devices on wheels are starting to go electric. Our cars have gone electric, our buses have gone electric, and we’re also starting to see more companies invest in making electric motorcycles. So it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Bosch has decided to apply their talent in creating electric baby strollers.

Bosch’s Haptic Feedback Pedal Can Help Save You Gas
One of the reasons why some drivers consume more petrol than they need is because they might be pressing the gas pedal too hard, revving unnecessarily, and all that jazz. These days cars do come with features to let you know that you might be pressing too hard, like a dashboard that changes lights depending on how hard you’re accelerating, and etc.

Bosch Developing Pedestrian Avoidance System To Reduce Accidents
One of the most common causes of road accidents involves pedestrians walking out in front of oncoming traffic, often the driver doesn’t have much time or space to reach and what happens next is not pretty by any stretch of the imagination. Technology can be put to use so that such accidents are reduced and that’s what Bosch aims to do. The company is working on a pedestrian avoidance system […]


This Table Saw Will Drop The Moment It Comes Into Contact With Flesh
We’re sure you’ve all seen movies where characters come this close to getting sawed into half by a table saw. Or maybe you’ve seen those other movies where the characters actually get sawed into half. Either way, it’s very cringeworthy to watch. However we reckon that might not be an issue if the villains had used Bosch’s new REAXX Portable Jobsite Table Saw.Why is that, you ask? Simply because thanks […]

Home Connect Lets One App “Rule Them All”
Home Connect intends to be the first solution of its kind worldwide that will enable different brands of household appliances to be controlled with but a single app. Now that is certainly concentrating a whole lot of power into a single device, don’t you think so? While variety might constitute to be a typical part of consumers’ everyday life, consumers these days are a whole lot more demanding, and would […]

Bosch And Hillcrest Develop New All-In-One Sensor System
Wearable technology is slowly but surely catching on (although some like Google Glass has been banned in a certain watering hole in town), and if it were to become as commonplace as the smartphone, then you can be sure that component manufacturers are more than happy to indulge. After all, it is all about lowering the overall cost of manufacturing. The likes of Bosch Sensortec and Hillcrest Labs are working […]