home-connectHome Connect intends to be the first solution of its kind worldwide that will enable different brands of household appliances to be controlled with but a single app. Now that is certainly concentrating a whole lot of power into a single device, don’t you think so? While variety might constitute to be a typical part of consumers’ everyday life, consumers these days are a whole lot more demanding, and would want to maximize their appliances. Home Connect from Bosch would let multiple appliance brands be controlled via a single app.

Project Leader Dr Claudia Häpp had the honor of presenting the Home Connect app today at the IFA 2014 Global Press Conference in Belek, Turkey. Her presentation was titled “One app. For you.” where she showed off how this app has been specially programmed to meet the actual needs of consumers as they live out their connected everyday life, along with the possibilities of incorporating such features into future appliances.

Sounds like a decent idea, to centralize everything onto your mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. However, it might lead to over-reliance on your smartphone or tablet, and should you lose it, that would not be too cool – at all. Less might be more, but it never hurts to be aware of how individual appliances work, too. [Press Release]

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