bosch haptic feedback pedalOne of the reasons why some drivers consume more petrol than they need is because they might be pressing the gas pedal too hard, revving unnecessarily, and all that jazz. These days cars do come with features to let you know that you might be pressing too hard, like a dashboard that changes lights depending on how hard you’re accelerating, and etc.

However the folks at Bosch have come up with a slightly different take on this by creating a gas pedal that provides haptic feedback. As the name implies, this pedal will give off a gentle vibration to let the driver know that they have pressed the gas pedal a bit too hard, and according to the company, could potentially reduce fuel consumption by as much as 7%, which in turn also reduces CO2 emissions.

For those who drive manual cars, or cars that allows the driver to shift into different gears, the pedal can also be linked up with the car’s transmission so that it will vibrate to let the driver know when it is best to change gears. Other proposed features of the pedal can also be used to warn drivers if they’re approaching a curve too fast, or linked to a camera to recognize speed signs and warn them if they’re over the limit.

Internet connectivity could also potentially let drivers know if they’re headed towards a jam and upcoming hazards. No word on when Bosch might release such a pedal, but it does sound like a pretty promising idea. What do you guys think?

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