These days it seems that a lot of devices on wheels are starting to go electric. Our cars have gone electric, our buses have gone electric, and we’re also starting to see more companies invest in making electric motorcycles. So it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Bosch has decided to apply their talent in creating electric baby strollers.

Yes, this means that in the future should you need to push your baby uphill while in their stroller, it will become a significantly easier task. This is thanks to Bosch equipping the stroller with dual electric motors. It even comes with built in sensors for safety reasons, where if it detects that you’re pushing the stroller downhill, it will help to brake to prevent any runaway stroller incidents.

The sensors will also be used to detect when you’re going uphill where it will engage the motors and it will also help to keep your stroller on the path and not in any unexpected directions. Other safety features include the ability for the stroller to come to a halt in the event you lose control of it.

The built-in battery will offer up a nine mile range which is pretty decent, but it means that you probably can’t take many log walks without having to recharge it. Bosch themselves won’t actually be selling the stroller but the system itself, where Swedish brand Emmaljunga will be the first to launch a stroller based on it in 2020. No word on pricing just yet but we imagine it will not come cheap.

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