Just a few days ago, we heard of Boxee rolling out the Boxee Box 1.1 firmware update that actually rendered surround sound speakers in your home theater system quiet, and this is definitely a no-no for any audiophile or movie loving person. Well, there is nothing like a promise being fulfilled as what Boxee has done, keeping to their word by releasing a follow up patch to resolve such silent issues.

No longer will your Dolby Digital audio be plagued with surround silence, but rather, your ears will be able to enjoy tunes and all those bone crunching punches from all directions as your rear and center channels roar back to life.

Known as the v1.1.1 release, it will revert to the original audio processing methods, and this would also translate to seeing volume controls being brought back to the screen – as those were also left out in the previous update. You will now be able to enable volume control settings accordingly. There are some rumblings on the forum that the Fast Forward takes some getting used to, and as we know, you can’t keep everyone happy.

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