Sony Bravia S90 Curved TV Arrives

When it comes to the world of curved TVs, this particular market is far from being mature, as the major players are just starting to step into the fray with Samsung and their 55” offering that we took a look at last August, alongside LG and their monstrous EC9800, although both manufacturers have already released larger models ever since. Having said that, Sony does not want to lose out on […]

Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick Officially Unveiled

It was over the weekend when news of the Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick started to appear, being revealed to the world but not quite having the official mark from Sony stamped over it. Well, all of that has just changed with the official announcement of the Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick, where this particular accessory will come with support for Google Services. In layman’s terms, that would mean playing nice with […]

Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick Revealed

The Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick, otherwise known as the Sony NSZ-GU1 Google TV in FCC filings of yore, has been revealed partially. It does look, however, that the rumors are true – Sony was working on a Google Chromecast rival, and the Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick looks set to be the device in question. While it was not mentioned in the FCC filing that the BRAVIA Smart Stick will arrive […]


[CES 2012] Looking to pick up a brand new Sony TV this year? You’re in luck because Sony has got a selection for you. The company announced its expanded BRAVIA television lineup today with three new models – the entry level BX, the mid-level EX and the flagship HX. Since we’re all keen to find out more about the flagship model, here are the details for its two new BRAVIA […]


Sony Bravia firmware updated with Twitter, YouTube HD and Facebook support

Sony Bravia 2011 owners will be pleased to know that Sony has issued a firmware update for your television set, bringing to you a variety of new features that we’re guessing most of you will appreciate.

Hulu arrives in Japan via Sony’s Bravia HDTVs and PS3

Hulu has docked in the Land of the Rising Sun, where you will be able to enjoy video streaming services in that part of the world over Sony’s Bravia HDTV range as well as their gaming console, the PS3. Basically, Hulu’s mission in Japan is this – “to make the world’s premium content available to people all over the globe. Thanks to our hardworking Japan team, today we are one […]

Sony recalls 1.6 million Bravia TVs

If you bought yourself a Sony Bravia television set back in 2007, there’s a slim chance that your television set could be at risk of catching fire. So far there have been 11 reported cases of Bravia television sets catching fire in Japan since 2008, which has prompted Sony to recall about 1.6 million Bravia television sets.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S announced at IFA

Sony Ericsson fans rejoice as the company has just announced another Android smartphone under their Xperia line during the IFA conference in Berlin. The device will be called the Xperia Arc S and it is expected to be available some time in October this year.

Sony introduces new BRAVIA TVs over in Japan

Sony Japan has announced three new BRAVIA-branded TVs, and despite the trend of coming up with 3D devices, none of these TVs support 3D. Despite the lack of 3D, the TVs do offer some nice selling points, such as the inclusion of a 500GB hard drive and the ability for users to transfer content from the hard drive to external hard drives via USB. The flagship model is the 40-inch […]

Sony Offers A BRAVIA TV With Built-in PS2 Console

You might have thought that with the PlayStation 3 being around for some time, the PlayStation 2 would be confined to the history books. Sony obviously doesn’t think so as the company has released a TV that features a built-in PS2 console. The Sony BRAVIA KDL-22PX300 offers a 22-inch display and a disc slot at the base for PS2 games and DVD films. While the games will only run in […]

Sony Bravia Update To Add Photo Sharing Support

The Bravia Postcard app on Sony’s Bravia line of flatscreen TVs will be receiving a rather useful update at the end of the month, and we’re talking about an update that adds support for Sony’s Life-X online photo-storage and sharing service. Aside from viewing photos and slideshows uploaded to Life-X, users will be able to comment on their friends’ photo albums and send photo postcards to other Bravia TV sets. […]

Hulu Plus Now Streaming to Bravia TVs, Playstation Streaming Coming Next Week

In addition to disc-free Netflix streaming, Playstation owners will have the option to stream Hulu Plus content as well starting next week. The subscription-based service will cost $10 a month and now doesn’t require an invitation to sign up. According to the Playstation blog, “The Hulu Plus subscription service offers full current season runs of hit TV programs from major broadcast programming studios and will add to the more than […]

Sony’s Google TV Sighted At Best Buy Tech Preview

Best Buy’s holiday preview might have accidentally unveiled Sony’s Google TV launch ahead of schedule, as the BRAVIA NSX-46GT1 was on show, displaying its 46-inch edge-lit LED display. The TV uses a USB adapter to hook up to a Wi-Fi network when there isn’t a wired Ethernet connection and works very much like a reference Google TV unit. The TV includes universal TV/Web searching and Chrome browsing, not to mention […]

Sony Announces Its NX810 BRAVIA 3D TVs

Sony has unveiled its latest 3D TVs in the US, bearing the NX810 model number, replacing the current NX800. The design is sleek and elegant as always, and features built-in Wi-Fi, Edge LED lit display, widgets, an ambient light sensor and 3D support. The downside of the NX810 series is that despite its price, it won’t come bundled with 3D glasses, so you’ll need to purchase the glasses and emitter […]