Sony Bravia 2011 owners will be pleased to know that Sony has issued a firmware update for your television set, bringing to you a variety of new features that we’re guessing most of you will appreciate.

For starters Sony’s Bravia television sets will now be able to stream YouTube videos in HD. It will even allow you to stay connected with social networking and lets you view your friends’ photos, videos and even shared links on Facebook. You can even update your status and send messages as well.

As far as Twitter addicts are concerned, the firmware update will bring a Twitter ticker at the bottom of your screen, similar to that of a stock ticker you might expect from news channels such as Bloomberg or CNN, except instead of stocks you will get Twitter updates from the people that you follow.

The update also brings about TrackID, which is Sony’s answer to Shazam/Soundhound and helps you identify a song that you’ve heard in an advertisement or television program. The firmware update will be available via the Sony Support website.

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