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Navy Researchers Use Clay To Create Bulletproof Glass
Researchers from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have been able to use clay to create bulletproof glass, this is being considered as a major development in materials science. The researchers were able to do this following decades of research and development. They are now capable of creating a bulletproof material that’s transparent and can be molded into just about any shape.

Reebok To Deliver Bulletproof Fitness Gear
None of us are that fictional superhero Superman who is of alien origin, and yet boast a physical appearance that is robust – so much so that he is capable of shrugging off bullets as though they were nothing but irritating insects. Well, from next year onward, Reebok intends to deliver a wide range of fitness apparel that are made using Kevlar, touted to be one of the world’s strongest […]

HTC Sends HTC One To Man Whose Life Was Saved By Bullet-Stopping Cellphone
Just the other day, a story made its way around the Internet that involved a man reportedly being saved by his cellphone as it was able to stop a bullet that was fired at him from a fleeing criminal. The cellphone the gas station attendant was carrying was an HTC EVO 3D, which we now know is strong enough to stop a bullet, and as a result of his incredible story, […]

Cellphone Saves Gas Station Clerk’s Life By Stopping A Bullet Fired At Him
In the year 2013, we think it’s safe to say a great majority of people walking around carry a cellphone around with them. Cellphones allow us to stay in communication with people we may not be around at the time, as well as to pass the time through various games and applications. But one Florida gas station attendant’s cellphone did more than just allow him to communicate with others. It […]


Hopefully There Won’t Be A Need For These Bulletproof School Uniforms
The highly unfortunate and sad campus shooting incidents have led to the development of bulletproof school uniforms, at least that is what one Colombian company claims. They have made these uniforms out of the same materials and technologies that are used to manufacture bulletproof vests. Its not a full body suit, but it does protect a vital section of the human body. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone was already working on a […]

Amendment II Backpack Is Bulletproof
The kinds of horror shootings that we read about these days truly boggle the mind as we take a look at the monsters that have risen in our society. Well, here is a backpack that you might want to consider getting for your child as it is said to be strong enough to stop rounds from a .44 Magnum, and that is saying a lot. The Amendment II kids backpacks […]

Bulletproof iPhone case claims to be able to resist a .50 caliber bullet
While Apple claims that “there’s an app for that”, we’re starting to think that the slogan could be applied to iPhone cases as well. Japanese firm Marudai has come up with an iPhone casing that they claim is bulletproof and is reportedly capable of resisting a .50 caliber round. We’re not sure just how many of you guys out there actually need a bulletproof iPhone casing or a form of […]

Ballistic Clipboard delivers battlefield-level protection to police officers
Our men in blue put their lives on the line virtually every day as you can never tell just when the next crime is going to happen which might actually cost them their lives in the name of security and freedom, but it is good to know that companies do place the importance of safety – with Impact Armor Technologies rolling out their latest tool, the Ballistic Clipboard. This bullet-proof […]

Bulletproof skin actually works
What happens when you cross spider webs with human skin cells? Why, you could very well end up with an interesting new material that could repel bullets – as long as they travel within reasonable speeds, of course. This is made possible thanks to a Dutch team who conjured this unique “bulletproof” skin using special, U.S.-made spider silk and human skin cells. Basically, it stopped a bullet that was fired […]

Bulletproof Clipboard – Tupac should’ve gotten one of these
We’re wondering whether coaches of sports with a really, really large following (and hence, having a higher chance of a deranged fan pulling a Glock on you should you make the wrong tactical decision) might want to consider the Bulletproof Clipboard. After all, this not only helps you get your tactical nous spot on with a rigid backboard, it will also more importantly, serve as a shield from stray bullets. […]

Devon Works Tread 1 bulletproof watch
While we do cover watches from time to time (only cool ones), the Devon Works Tread 1 certainly demands a post since it is the first bulletproof watch which we’ve come across, looking all decked out in formal black and silver, thanks to a Californian aerospace engineering company. The price to pay for a timepiece that can survive bullet shots? $15,000. We wonder whether you will ever be in the […]

Metaltech Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart
The Metaltech Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart looks like one tough cookie, where it was built to withstand grenade attacks, although we’re not too sure why would anyone lob a grenade on a golf course (which is another question altogether) due to the nature of a golf buggy-like design. This battery-powered Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart (Atac) costs a whopping $45,000, where you get firing ports that resemble a bulletproof golf buggy. It can […]