While Apple claims that “there’s an app for that”, we’re starting to think that the slogan could be applied to iPhone cases as well. Japanese firm Marudai has come up with an iPhone casing that they claim is bulletproof and is reportedly capable of resisting a .50 caliber round. We’re not sure just how many of you guys out there actually need a bulletproof iPhone casing or a form of protection of this magnitude, but if you did, this particular casing will set you back a whopping $650 which is nearly the same price as an unlocked iPhone 4S.

The case is made from a combination of steel and aluminum, with the back portion of the case being rather thick in design in order to be bulletproof while featuring a hole for your camera. Not the most elegant case we’ve seen, but it’s pretty hardcore. In fact as a bonus, Marudai will even send buyers an empty bullet that you can show off to your friends. We don’t suggest that you put it to the test, but if you’d like to place your order or for more info, head on over to Marudai’s website, but if you’re looking for a bit of senseless destruction in the form of the iPhone 4 versus a .50 caliber bullet, check out the video below.

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