reebok-bulletprooNone of us are that fictional superhero Superman who is of alien origin, and yet boast a physical appearance that is robust – so much so that he is capable of shrugging off bullets as though they were nothing but irritating insects. Well, from next year onward, Reebok intends to deliver a wide range of fitness apparel that are made using Kevlar, touted to be one of the world’s strongest fibers.


Kevlar also has other uses, where the most famous of them all would obviously be the use of Kevlar in creating bulletproof vests to protect our men and women who are on the job and yet get hit by a slug from a perpetrator.

Back to Reebok and its vision for a far more durable athlete apparel – these new releases are touted to be lighter and stronger, especially where garments are concerned since these will clearly target folks who love activities such as cross-fit training. Well, at least such gear might protect you from a random shooting, and it has so far worked better this way – to bring your smartphone in your breast/chest pocket (if any) with you all the time, since they’re pretty useful in stopping bullets a bullet. You’d need a whole lot of luck in this department, so wearing an entire suit might be a better idea.

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