The highly unfortunate and sad campus shooting incidents have led to the development of bulletproof school uniforms, at least that is what one Colombian company claims. They have made these uniforms out of the same materials and technologies that are used to manufacture bulletproof vests. Its not a full body suit, but it does protect a vital section of the human body. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone was already working on a full blown bulletproof clothing line.

In the video, Miguel Caballero, the founder of this company proudly shows off their creation. Using a real pistol on a real human being, Miguel shoots from what is almost a point blank range. Though it looks like he was firing blanks, the bulletproof jacket holds up nicely. That said, the psychological effect of dressing your children in bulletproof gear every morning isn’t pretty. However the option is now available for discerning parents who absolutely feel the need for such garments. I sincerely hope though that things do not get this bad, and that someday no one would worry about having bulletproof school uniforms.

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