San Diego schools go solar

The San Diego Unified School District Board of Education recently approved a contract with Amsolar, where they agreed to build and operate 5.2 megawatts worth of solar panels on its properties. Amsolar is a specialist when it comes to solar projects, especially schools, hence a resulting in a rather unorthodox space-for-electricity financing model. Schools will have Amsolar build and operate solar projects on their rooftops, where Amsolar will own, operate, and maintain the solar panel systems while the school purchases generated electricity at a favorable discounted rate. This 22-year power purchase agreement was sealed last week, and the fruit of this agreement would be 23,000 solar panels to be installed through 80 rooftops, alongside 1,500 solar carports which will deliver juice to nearly 20 school sites. All 20 sites will be able to run on 64% solar energy, now how about that?

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