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Best Free Calling App
If you have a smartphone equipped with an active Internet connection, you do not need to make free phone calls using the cellular network. You could save a lot of money (almost up to 70 %) by using the mobile data or Wi-Fi network coupled with one of the best free calling and free texting apps. That’s particularly true with international calls!Of course, not limited to smartphones, you could also […]

How To Block A Number
Just like mailboxes, phones are often the recipients of unwanted messages, except that spam mail doesn’t ring or potentially cost you money. It’s therefore logical that many users want to prevent this from happening. There are two ways to do it, which are called “Call Barring” and “Call Blocking” and we’ll show you how to use either, or both, to your advantage.

Are Android phones really that hard to use?
Some results of the latest research from ClickFox, an analytics company, show that most Americans find Android and BlackBerry phones difficult to operate. ClickFox recently did some research on smartphone service costs and transfer rates, and it turns out that a lot of customer service representatives are usually on the phone talking about Android and BlackBerry phones. Apple’s iPhone clocked in the least agent calls and repeat agent calls within […]

Google Gmail calls: now cheaper and in more languages
If you’re a fan of making calls from Gmail, you’re in luck. Google has just announced that it has upgraded the service to support over 38 different languages, and has lowered the call rates to more than 150 destinations around the world. This makes calling from Gmail a lot more accessible to consumers worldwide, especially those outside of the US and those who don’t primarily use English.


MightyText will send phone calls and text messages to your browser
There are times when you may have left your phone in the car, home or office, but instead of going to retrieve it, what if SMS and calls could instead be routed to your computer and inside Google Chrome itself? If that sounds a lot like Google Voice, you would be sort of correct, but unlike Google Voice, this service uses  the same number on your phone, and routes calls […]

T-Mobile Bobsled – the free Facebook calling app
T-Mobile has just announced a new app called Bobsled by T-Mobile. Similar to Jajah that was announced last week, Bobsled will allow users to make calls to their friends on Facebook for free. But instead of making calls from a cellphone, Bobsled allows users to make free calls from their computers to other Facebook users on their computers as well.

netTALK DUO now on sale at
netTALK, the VoIP digital phone service has just announced that the netTALK DUO device is now on sale at – one of the biggest online merchants in the world. netTALK DUO is a device that allows users to make use of netTALK’s VoIP service to make free nationwide calls to any landline or mobile phones in the US and Canada from anywhere in the world. For calls to the […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play handles interrupting phone calls like a champ
While we’re still waiting for the Xperia Play to hit this side of the world, but thanks to the internet we pretty much know everything about the phone before it even arrives – or do we? Well, what happens when you get a phone call while playing a PlayStation Game on the phone? Fortunately, your game won’t quit without saving. When a phone call comes in, the game is suspended […]

TrapCall: the iPhone app that unmasks blocked numbers
If you’ve ever had problems with prank callers interrupting your sleep or your day with anonymous calls, and you’ve had no luck finding out who they are, TrapCall for the iPhone might be what you need.Spending a hefty 201 days in review (that’s more than half a year!), the app has finally been approved on the app store and is now up for download. TrapCall is said to be the […]

Carbon nanotube device can rapidly diagnose cancer
In the world of cancer detection, technology is rapidly evolving, and researchers are constantly developing newer and better ways to scope out those deadly cells. Well some researchers from MIT and Harvard have developed a new design for their carbon nanotube device that they came up with four years ago. This new version of the device is touted to work 8 times better. Instead of silicon solid tubes that were […]

Verizon, Sprint, MetroPCS and T-Mobile also doing their part to help out with the Japan crisis
After AT&T announced that they will be letting their customers make free calls and send free texts to Japan, the other carriers have decided to follow suit. Like AT&T; Verizon, Sprint and MetroPCS are waiving all calling and texting fees to Japan. T-Mobile on the other hand are waiving fees for texting shortcodes (i.e. to the Red Cross donation line) – not much, but you can say at least it’s […]

Go800 lets you make calls using Twitter handles
Even though we live in a world with such advanced technology that allows us to easily make free calls over the internet, one thing hasn’t gotten easier though – the memorization of phone numbers. It’s great that we have phones to store contact numbers, but what happens in situations when your phone battery dies you lose access to all your contacts? That’s where Go800 comes into play. Go800 is a […]

Turn your iPod touch into an iPhone with the Apple Peel 520
Yoison has just unveiled their next generation Apple Peel and it now supports the latest iPod Touch as well as the third generation model. In case you didn’t know, the Apple Peel is a special case that when fitted with a SIM card and attached to your iPod touch – gives the iPod touch the ability to make and receive calls, as well as send and receive text messages. It […]

EXCLUSIVE: Tango, Cross-Platform Mobile Video Calling Over 3G
 When the entrepreneurs behind Tango, a mobile video-calling startup, founded their company a year ago, there wasn’t any competition to speak of. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., five miles from Stanford’s campus, Tango’s 17 engineers were just insanely focused on getting their breakthrough technology to market. “When we started, there weren’t any front-facing cameras on phones,” recalls Eric Setton, Tango’s co-founder and chief technology officer.Today, with six patents pending, the […]