There are times when you may have left your phone in the car, home or office, but instead of going to retrieve it, what if SMS and calls could instead be routed to your computer and inside Google Chrome itself? If that sounds a lot like Google Voice, you would be sort of correct, but unlike Google Voice, this service uses  the same number on your phone, and routes calls and text messages into Google Chrome itself, instead of sending it to your email.

Meet MightyText, a new service that was started by a former Google employee, Maneesh Arora, who found it silly that while on a laptop or computer, he has to reach into his pocket to check text messages and attend to calls, so why not route everything onto the laptop itself? It’s basically a routing service for text messages and calls and supposedly will just mirror whatever you will be able to see on your phone, onto Google Chrome itself, as pictured above.

It sounds pretty convenient for those moments where reaching into your pocket or opening up your handbag may not be very convenient, i.e. during meetings where you happen to have a computer available. At the moment it’s still in beta, although you can head over to MightyText’s website to sign up, and it is reported that it will only work on Android devices running on Froyo 2.2 and above.

Maneesh Arora also has plans to eventually create a version for the iPad and he basically says that “We want to send texts to where ever the eyeballs are.”

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