No more phonebooksEven though we live in a world with such advanced technology that allows us to easily make free calls over the internet, one thing hasn’t gotten easier though – the memorization of phone numbers. It’s great that we have phones to store contact numbers, but what happens in situations when your phone battery dies you lose access to all your contacts? That’s where Go800 comes into play. Go800 is a new service that allows users to make calls just by texting a Twitter handle to 46800. Before you get freaked out about receiving prank calls – you need to sign up for the service before people can start dialing you with your Twitter handle. And if you’re not comfortable with the idea of anyone being able to reach you so easily, you can even then you can add a whitelist of numbers so that only those on the list can contact you through this method. The service is free for a hundred minutes each month, and to get more minutes you will have to upgrade your service. The best part is, you don’t even need a smartphone to use the service – any phone that can send a text will do. Assuming your friends sign up for the service, you no longer have to memorize phone numbers, but you can memorize Twitter names instead. Head here to find out more or to sign up for Go800.

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