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China Smartphone Has Weird Camera Form Factor
Just when you thought that both the Sony Xperia C3 as well as the HTC Desire EYE were rather unorthodox in their design for a camera, along comes the Doov Nike V1, which is one of those newfangled selfie phones, hailing from China which will feature a rather unorthodox camera setup. The Doov Nike V1 will make use of a hinge so that the user can flip the camera and […]

Bra-Cam Intends To Raise Awareness About Breast Cancer
Ladies, just how many times do you think your boobs get stared at each day? All right, perhaps you are not going to receive anything more than a second glance if you wear clothes that do not reveal anything at all, but if a little cleavage were to be revealed, the Bra Cam might just help you keep track. This unique camera will not discriminate against genders, as it will […]

Photos Compare The Cameras Of Every iPhone Apple Has Ever Made
According to a video we saw yesterday, it attempted to show the various speed improvements that Apple has made to their iPhones over the years and it was somewhat fascinating to watch, and also interesting to note that the oldest iPhone was not necessarily the slowest. So now that speed is out of the way, what about its camera?Well thanks to a post by Lisa Bettany, the cofounder of the […]

Lumia Rebrand Works Its Magic On Nokia Apps
It would make much sense for Microsoft, who having purchased the mobile division of Nokia, to actually do something about its purchase. Hence, it is not too much of a surprise to check out Microsoft Mobile replace the word (or brand) ‘Nokia’ in the Store with a more accurate ‘Lumia’ tag, targeting all of those specialized apps that users have come to be a whole lot familiar with.


Tap Tap Tap Updates Camera+ iOS App
The extremely popular iOS photography app that was known as Camera+ has been given a boost in the arm, thanks to an update that has rolled out recently. The most recent update would see the Camera+ app for iPhone and iPad arrive at version 5.2, where it will be able to keep users humming until there are other major updates arrive which will, fingers crossed, be able to to take […]

Sony α5100 Interchangeable Lens Camera Debuts
Are all digital cameras created equal? Not really, as Sony has just introduced the brand new Sony α5100 camera, which is a model that comes with pro-quality AF performance as well as image quality, all crammed into a single portable and lightweight package that travelers would have yearned for, for the longest time already.

Japan Develops "World's Fastest Camera"
When it comes to being Japanese, one of the stereotypes that the world would give you would be this – you carry a camera with you wherever you go. Having said that, the Japanese have certainly managed to make a whole lot of advancements in the field of digital optics, especially where cameras are concerned, and it does not look as though they are about to stop anytime soon. In […]

VSN Mobil Reveals V.360° Camera
While we have seen our fair share of cameras in the past, this particular model from VSN Mobil does offer something different to the mix in the form of the V.360° Camera. In fact, the VSN Mobil V.360° Camera is touted to be the very first device available to consumers that is capable of capturing 360 degrees of video thanks to its 16 Megapixel imager, and doing so in full […]

Camera Checks Out Corners For You
I am quite sure that if you have watched the movie “Wanted”, you would know that the ability to swerve a bullet after shooting it is physically impossible in real life, especially in those action packed scenes that offer uncanny accuracy among the guild of assassins known as the Fraternity, but even they are unable to see what is coming behind the corner. Perhaps modern day technology will come in […]

Nokia Camera App Updated By Microsoft
It seems that Microsoft has ensured that the Nokia Camera app is now up to speed with the beta, where it sees the introduction of Living Images among others. This particular Nokia Camera app will be made available for Nokia’s range of Windows Phone-powered Lumia handsets, where the version number would be bumped up to Any decent app that has been updated will definitely arrive with its fair share […]

Tamron 14-150mm Di III Lens Out This June 26 For $589
When it comes to digital cameras, there are dime a dozen models to choose from, and not only that, with different manufacturers, there are also various lenses for you to take your pick. It can get all very confusing, but there is a method to the madness. For those of you out there who love system cameras under the Micro Four Thirds umbrella, you will be pleased to hear that […]

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Limited Edition Kit Goes Official
Olympus has announced that they intend to spruce up their range of OM-D E-M10 compact system cameras by introducing a Limited Edition Kit which is scheduled for a June 27th release, where the limited edition model is said to arrive with a bunch of exclusive accessories to keep company a limited edition body that has been specially outfitted with a synthetic leather grip. Apart from that, the body grip itself […]

Lytro Light Field Camera For Android Out In 2014 (Rumor)
When it comes to cameras on Android-powered devices, there is a fair number of those out there that do feature some high end capabilities, and it does seem as though the pack is about to get augmented if this particular rumor from @evleaks turns out to be true – @evleaks claims that Lytro will be rolling out an Android-powered camera sometime down the road.

Butterfleye Has More Than Meets The Eye
No, despite the title above, the Butterfleye is no Transformer that remains in hiding secretly until the time is ripe to reveal itself to the world. The Butterfleye is no ordinary surveillance camera, but it also doubles up as a home monitoring camera. In other words, the Butterfleye offers a whole lot more than vanilla security lookouts, as it also does its bit to record whatever goes on in your […]