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ION AIR PRO HD Sports Video Camera with Wi-Fi PODZ from ION Worldwide
ION Worldwide has just announced the availability of their ION AIR PRO HD Sports Video Camera with Wi-Fi PODZ, an action camera which enables one to shoot as well as share videos right there and then over a Wi-Fi network, thanks to the free ION CAMERA app which plays nice on the iOS platform. It does not matter if you are an uptight professional in a suit, or one of […]

Spectral Instruments’ 1100-series 112 megapixel camera is one of a kind
Special Instruments is working on a gargantuan 1100-series camera that has a 112 megapixel CCD and is reportedly capable of shooting photos of both the sun and the stars in broad daylight. Special Instruments, an Arizona-based company that builds cameras for scientific applications, reportedly cooled the chip to -100 degrees Celsius to eliminate “dark current”, thus allowing the exposures to last for hours while remaining crisp. Technically,  the term dark current […]

San Francisco bars to install facial detection cameras
If you are a San Francisco native and spend plenty of time at the bars there, you might not be too comfortable with the idea of your favorite watering hole potentially installing facial detection cameras. These cameras will live-stream footage so that those who have access to a free iPhone or Android app will be able to check out just how happening the bar is that particular night, making a […]

Logitech Alert 750n Indoor Master System
Logitech has come up with their spanking new Alert 750n Indoor Master System which is basically the whole video security system which comes in a box, allowing you to keep tabs on your home or office even when you are not physically there. It is said to be a snap to install, boasting wide-angle night vision that will work alongside the included PC software. Each purchase will also be accompanied […]


Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS
Olympus unveiled its new flagship camera in its rugged point-and-shoot lineup, the Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS, which is an elegant device packed with impressive features. Compact cameras have to face fierce competition from smartphones and consequently, manufacturers feel the pressure to offer DSLR-like features in their consumer products. The Olympus TG-1 is the first high-speed bright f2.0 lens on a Tough camera that is waterproof to 12 m / 40 […]

Twitter reportedly considered purchasing Camera+
When Facebook bought Instagram, many were curious as to how Facebook’s social media rival, Twitter would respond. The company made a statement saying that they had no interest in purchasing a service or a tool similar to Instagram, going as far as saying that copying another company’s move is “never a good idea”. However that might not be the case according to two people reportedly familiar with the matter. According […]

The Descriptive Camera doesn't just take pictures, it describes images for you
A picture can paint a thousand words. But isn’t it better if your camera can actually describe images for you? That is now possible with the Descriptive Camera. The camera is actually a prototype developed by Matt Richardson, a computer programmer and photographer rolled into one. He probably made the prototype for a Computational Camera class at the New York University where he is currently taking his Master’s Degree.

ClippingLight lets you take photos via projection viewfinder
When it comes to shooting great photos, having the ideal equipment is just one part of the inevitably large equation – there are still plenty of other points to consider before the perfect picture comes out. There is a new camera system developed that allows one to snap photos in a jiffy without the need to even look at the viewfinder. This is made possible thanks to a group at […]

Holga camera gets a $25,000 makeover
A Holga camera is definitely a relatively cheap piece of hardware to purchase, but what happens when you use it alongside a Phase One digital camera? The latter, after all, has a whopping $25,000 price tag attached to it, which basically translates to you hooking up a 22-megapixel digital camera to shoot images via a low-fi plastic lens. It will use the Horseman lens board that will remain sandwiched between […]

Camera 'sees' radiation, assesses danger levels
Whenever you are around Bruce Banner and carry a Geiger counter, expect it to go nuts when Banner gets angry – simply because he turns into the Incredible Hulk, torn pants and all. Well, a Geiger counter might be good to detect the presence of radiation levels, but here is a more accurate device that might come in handy in situations such as the stricken Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan, […]

Ubi-Camera snaps photos with hand framing technique
Now here is a unique method of capturing portraits of a person or a breathtaking landscape – all you need to do is simply frame the photo with your hands, and the Ubi-Camera will get the job done after that. No, magic is not involved here, but rather, this prototype miniature camera that is being developed by a research group at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences will […]

Surveillance camera searches 36 million faces in a second
You know how the CIA’s surveillance system is second to none according to what Hollywood had served up all this while? I really wonder whether modern day technology used in intelligence agencies are up to par, and can even enhance blurry images to high resolution photos in an instant. Well, one thing is for sure – Hitachi Kokusai Electric has developed a surveillance camera system par excellence, where it is […]

Camera knows whats coming around the corner
Israelis did invent the first gun that is able to shoot around corners, helping you shoot your target without exposing yourself to danger. Well, I guess this is something less lethal, but interesting to look at nonetheless – a camera which is capable of capturing what is around the corner without the use of a snake-like tube. Basically, the camera will fire an extremely fast laser pulse at walls located […]

Beetlecam 2 captures lions feasting up close and personal
Have you ever wondered just how an episode of National Geographic is filmed? Sometimes, it takes months of hard work just to get the perfect shot, even if it is meant for a few seconds of animal action. Well, not only do the camera crew require a huge amount of patience, it also places them at risk, especially when they need to get nearer to the action in human, and […]