Dog’s are truly man’s best friend – and they can be properly trained to help us out in different situations such as search and rescue efforts, which is where the Paws doggie-cam comes in – being short for Portable All-terrain Wireless System. After all, a dog has an extremely keen sense of smell, and it is far more agile and capable of getting through to those nooks and crannies which humans cannot in the event of an earthquake. Rescue dogs equipped with the Paws doggie-cam hails from UK firm Wood & Douglas, who are specialized in wireless broadcast technology applications. This being their latest product will hopefully be able to save as many lives as possible down the road, where an antenna needs to be set up in the vicinity beforehand in order to receive visual information relayed from the pooch’s Paws unit.

The hardest part of Wood & Douglas’ journey would by to churn out a camera that is lightweight enough to fit on the dog’s head without being uncomfortable, not to mention having a light and unobtrusive body harness and head strap, which is a challenging problem by itself as rescue dogs tend to come in various shapes and sizes, never mind if it is the same breed. Not only that, the “game” of rescuing to dogs can get boring after a while, where they will then do all they can to remove the strapped equipment.

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