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Activision Closes Acquisition Of Candy Crush Developer
Activision made a major commitment to mobile gaming last year when it announced its intention to acquire King Digital Entertainment, best known for Candy Crush Saga, for $5.9 billion. Activision confirmed today that it has now closed its $5.9 billion acquisition of King Digital Entertainment. King is going to operate independently even though it’s going to be under the Activision banner.

Fallout Shelter Might Have Already Beaten Candy Crush Saga In Revenue
When it comes to mobile games that are raking in the cash when it comes to revenue, it’s hard to beat King’s Candy Crush Saga. According to the developer, last we heard the app managed to pull a whopping $229.5 million in the first quarter which roughly translates to about an average of $2.55 million a day.However it looks like we might have a new king (pun intended) in the […]

Candy Crush Saga Making Its Way To Windows 10
Well, this news is going to entice all the Candy Crush Saga fans, as the popular game is now coming to Windows 10. Gaming has been an essential part of Windows OS, who can forget those great Windows games that have made our childhood more fun. Windows 10 is going to pack all that goodness along with the latest addition of Candy Crush.

Microsoft Offers Candy Crush Saga For Windows Phone
From time to time, there will be a hit game, or a breakout title, that will capture the imagination of the masses. Angry Birds which turned five today is one of them, while another franchise that has riled the feathers of some in the past by thinking it owns the word ‘candy’, better known as Candy Crush Saga, has finally made its way to the Windows Phone platform. Yes sir, […]


Candy Crush Saga 'Dreamworld' Expansion Announced
Look back on 2013 and one thing will definitely stand out, Candy Crush Saga. Even you don’t indulge in this popular game, you might have received requests from friends on Facebook who are ardent fans of one of the best selling casual games of all time. Today King, which develops the game, sent out some news that’s likely to be well received by Candy Crush Saga fans. An expansion for the […]

Candy Crush Saga Developer Apparently Files For IPO
Even if you don’t play this insanely popular game on Facebook, you’ve probably heard about it or have received a request from one of your Facebook friends. Right now, Candy Crush Saga is the most popular game being played on the world’s largest social network. It logged 9.7 million daily active users back in January, breaking FarmVille 2’s record of 8.7 million daily active users. U.K. based King is the developer of […]