Look back on 2013 and one thing will definitely stand out, Candy Crush Saga. Even you don’t indulge in this popular game, you might have received requests from friends on Facebook who are ardent fans of one of the best selling casual games of all time. Today King, which develops the game, sent out some news that’s likely to be well received by Candy Crush Saga fans. An expansion for the game has been released, called “Dreamworld,” this mode is only available for players who have crossed level 50 on the Saga map.


King says that the Dreamworld mode brings a “magical twist” to the Candy Crush Saga game, it will transport players in a parallel world of dream inspired levels. Once players cross level 50, a new dream like Saga map appears where players can experience previous levels of the game but in a much more challenging way. It also adds a new character, Odus the Owl, who will introduce an additional layer of gameplay. There are new “mesmerising” special effects as well, such as the Moon Struck reward which brings a new game state where some colored candies are removed, making it easier for players to clear the level. At launch, 65 Dreamworld levels are available, player progression on mobile devices will sync with Facebook, so there won’t ever be a disruption regardless of how they choose to play the game. Dreamworld is available today across Facebook as well as iOS and Android.

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