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ego's Samsung Galaxy S3 case comes with USB flash drive
ego has just introduced their Hybrid Series USB design into their latest Samsung Galaxy S3 case, where it will come with the added advantage of carrying around additional storage in the form of a 4GB, 8GB or 16 GB USB flash drive. Fashionistas will obviously be pleased to see that this unique Galaxy S3 case comes in seven different color options, with matching slide-in USB drives to boot. It makes […]

Case makers allude to 4-inch display on new iPhone
Being an accessory manufacturer for the iPhone can be quite a lucrative position to be in, but only if you hit it big among the owners of Apple’s iPhone, of course. Well, it seems that third party protective iPhone case manufacturers are clearly going ahead of themselves by churning out a redesigned protective case that carries a taller 4-inch display, in addition to a smaller dock connector that gives the […]

Thule Case for 13-inch MacBook Pro and an iPad
The argument that seems to be never ending is whether or not the tablet has really made the laptop moot. Of course there are people on either side that think differently and there will even be people that think both are necessary. If you are one of the latter and you own a 13-inch MacBook Pro along with an iPad, this new rugged case by Thule could be just what […]

Chocolate Scented iPhone 4/4S Case Looks and Smells Yummy
If you have an iPhone 4 or 4S and you love the smell of chocolate as well as the color brown, the folks over at ThinkGeek have decided to incorporate all of those above and given you the aptly named Chocolate Scented iPhone 4 Case which should fit on the latest iPhone 4S that shares the same dimensions. The case is designed to look like a bar of animated chocolate […]


iCA Military Edition iPhone case up for pre-order
Last year we reported about the Gizmon iCA: a case that turns your iPhone into a camera lookalike. Well, the folks behind the iCa have decided to come up with a new variant of the case. Called the iCA Military Edition, it brings you back to the days of military photographers and their Leica range finders. While it may be no longer possible (or too expensive) to get your hands […]

Raspberry Pi computer case
When you have a computer with a demand of 700 units per second, you know for sure that you are on to a winner here. The Raspberry Pi mini computer is definitely such a device, but unfortunately, it comes naked – so you will need to suit it up yourself. Good thing Marco Alici figured out something for the masses – coming up with his very own Raspberry Pi computer […]

X-Doria: CampFire the outdoor case for your iPad 2
If you’re planning to take your iPad 2 with you on your next trip to the wilderness, you better be prepared with some sort of protection for the tablet. Well, X-Doria seems to have the perfect solution in the form of the CampFire. Called a custom sleeping bag case for your iPad 2, it works as both a protector and a stand. However, if you decide not to use it […]

AQUA TEK S is one rugged iPhone 4/4S case
Snow Lizard Products has recently announced the introduction of a new, multi-purpose iPhone case that should suit folks who lead rugged lifestyles. Called the AQUA TEK S, this iPhone 4/4S case aims to keep the smartphone safe from drops, falls, and accidental spills. When you feel like it, the case will even let you bring the iPhone underwater with you for up to 20 feet. If you’re worried about the […]

Ballistic Tough Jacket keeps your iPad 2 safe
If you own an iPad 2 and you still haven’t gotten a case for it yet because you haven’t found one that’s rugged enough to protect your precious tablet, Ballistic might have the answer for you. The company announced its brand new Tough Jacket case for the iPad 2. Just like its smartphone cases, the Tough Jacket for the iPad 2 features the same three layer shock protection that should […]

OtterBox LIVESTRONG iPhone 4 case for a good cause
If you’re looking for a brand new case to cover up your iPhone 4/4S, why not purchase one for a good cause? OtterBox has come up with a special edition version of its Commuter Series for the iPhone 4/4S just for the occasion. In honor of the Lance Amstrong Foundation, a foundation set up to help people live with cancer, a portion of the proceeds from every purchase of an […]

iPad 2S/iPad 3 cases go on sale
Around this time last year, when iPad 2 rumors were in full-swing, leaked cases were all the rage when it came to figuring out what the next generation iPad would look like. Well, it looks like the trend has gone full circle again, with cases allegedly designed for the next iPad starting to surface. Chinese manufacturer, “Chinee”, has started selling cases for a device called the “iPad 2S”. Apparently we’ll […]

Gucci covers for your iPhone and iPad
If you’re looking for a functional and stylish case for your iOS devices and you’ve got some money to throw around, how about picking up a designer case for your iPhone/iPad? The folks over at Gucci have decided to put their experience and expertise behind making fashionable suits, bags and accessories into creating stylish designer cases for iOS devices. They’ve recently come up with silicone covers that are decked out […]

Connect Design Block Case for the iPhone 4/4S: a case inspired by LEGO
If you’re a fan of LEGO, the popular construction toys from Denmark, you’ll definitely be interested by the Connect Design Block Case for the iPhone 4/4S. Inspired by LEGO blocks, this unique case is made of rubber and features bumps that allow you to easily add and remove interlocking pieces for you to customize it for whatever your intended purposes.

Pong iPad 2 Case and Cover claims to reduce radiation and make 3G better
In case you didn’t know, the 3G iPad has a proximity sensor that is used to down the power of the 3G radio whenever a user is close to it (to reduce radiation levels of the tablet). But human proximity isn’t the only thing that can set the sensor off: a case can do the job as well. However, when power to 3G radio is dialed down – the signal […]