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Casio Smart Outdoor Watch Goes On Sale March 25 For $500
Casio is a brand that you could associate with watches. After all the company is known for their calculator watches from back in the day, not to mention they are also behind the G-Shock brand of rugged streetwear-style watches. However they could soon be associated with smartwatches as the company has announced that come March 25, the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch will finally be available for purchase.

Ubergizmo’s Best of CES 2016
And it’s a wrap! CES 2016 is over. The 49th CES has brought more attendees and attention than ever. With 170k attendees (50k from abroad) and 6000 journalists and analysts, this was the largest CES ever. It is simply impossible to see everything, but we all thrived to tell you what we thought were the most interesting, sometimes out of the box, products of the show. This is our selection, […]

Casio Exilim EX-FR100 Rugged Selfie Camera
[CES 2016] They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, which is why sometimes, when you have had the adventure and journey of your lifetime, you might want to let your snapshots and videos do the talking – provided they are of decent quality and editorial direction, of course. Casio’s Exilim EX-FR100 is a rugged selfie camera of sorts, where you can attach it to your shoulder or the […]

Casio Showcases 2.5D Printing Technology
[CES 2016] For many of us, we tend to take what we have for granted – a pair of hands, eyes, legs and ears that are working in good condition, although the occasional pain might cause us to groan and complain from time to time. However, what about those who are visually impaired – they are unable to see as we do, and will find it difficult to get around […]


Casio G-Shock MTGG1000D-1A2 Sports GPS Atomic Solar Hybrid Ability
[CES 2016] Casio is certainly not abandoning the G-Shock range of timepieces anytime soon – in fact, it is said to be a staple of the company when it comes to watches, and this time around the Casio G-Shock MTGG1000D-1A2 takes centerstage as it happens to be the third timepiece that falls under the advanced timepiece range, where it will now boast of GPS Atomic Solar Hybrid capabilities. Specially and […]

Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch Revealed
[CES 2016] Casio is a company that brought us the much loved calculator watch, and it has also delivered the tough-as-nails G-Shock collection over the years. At CES this year, Casio takes yet another step forward with the reveal of the Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch. This will be an Android Wear wrist device that will boast of water resistance of up to 50 meters and has been specially developed […]

Casio Exilim EX-ZR3000, EX-ZR60 Compact Cameras Launched
If you’re in the market for new compact cameras, you might be interested to learn the Casio has recently announced two new compacts in the form of the Exilim EX-ZR3000 and the EX-ZR60. Both cameras are designed to be budget compacts with the former priced at 10,000 yen (~$81) while the latter will be priced at 15,000 yen (~$121).So what can we expect in terms of specs? For starters given […]

Casio Reportedly Set To Enter The Smartwatch Market
Casio is an electronics brand that many are probably familiar with. The company has made calculators which many students are still relying on these days, and they have also made watches, like the G-Shock brand, as well as the good old calculator watches (like the one pictured above) from back in the day that used to be banned from being brought into exams.That being said, it looks like Casio is […]

Casio's Chordana App Lets You Create Songs By Whistling Into Your Phone
Just because you don’t know how to play an instrument doesn’t mean you don’t know how to put together a good song. You could have a great tune in your head that you want to turn into a song, but instead of going out and trying to find people to turn your idea into a reality, why not let an app does that for you?Casio has recently released an app […]

Trackformer DJ Controllers Are Casio's Latest Contribution To Music
 Casio isn’t new to the world of music. The company is already known for making keyboards but its latest products, shown off at CES 2015, will help it reach out to the youth in particular. Casio has launched the new Trackformer series of DJ equipment which will enable budding DJs and musicians to follow in the footsteps of their favorite producers are DJs. The design might look familiar to a […]

Casio's SynchroShot App Lets You Sync As Many As Seven Exilim EX-100PROs At Once
Trying to take multiple photos from different angles all at once can be a tricky setup. This will involve users having to time it just right so that all shots are fired at the same time in order to capture that exact same pose held by the subject, which in some cases could be moving. Well Casio has the answer for you in the form of their SynchroShot app.The company […]

Casio Unveils Exilim MR1 "Kawaii Selfie" Camera
Any camera is capable of taking a selfie, although for some reason Casio has decided that we actually need dedicated cameras to help us do that. Not too long ago the company announced the oddly expensive EX-TR50 and if you thought that was a bit ridiculously priced for a selfie camera, Casio has recently announced the “Kawaii Selfie by Mirror Camera” which is also known as the Exilim MR1.Priced at […]

The Casio Exilim EX-FR10 Action Camera Is Official
A couple of days ago, we reported that Casio had an interesting looking camera that could be announced soon. Well it seems that “soon” is true because Casio has since officially announced the Casio Exilim EX-FR10 action camera. The camera has been designed for action so if you wanted something for landscapes or portraits, you might want to look elsewhere.That being said for those who might our earlier report, the […]

Casio EX-FR10 Camera With Detachable Remote Shutter Could Be Announced Soon
While using the selfie pose is a great way to try and fit in a group shot, sometimes the group might be too big to fit into the frame, or perhaps you’re looking for a different kind of pose. There are alternatives such as using a timer or a remote shutter, but if you’d rather use a remote shutter as it can be more convenient, then Casio’s upcoming EX-FR10 camera […]