gshockA couple of weeks ago, we reported on an app called EchoWear which basically allowed Android Wear users to identify songs using just their smartwatch. It’s a pretty clever idea, not to mention a lot more convenient and faster than having to pull out your phone, unlock it, launch the app, and then identify the song.


Usually by that time the song could have ended. Well if you don’t plan on buying a smartwatch anytime soon but still want song identification on your wrist, you might be interested to learn that Casio has recently launched the G-Shock GBA-400, which by all accounts looks like a regular watch, but one of its unique features is the fact that it can help identify music through SoundHound.

Now the watch doesn’t do any of the identification for you. Instead what it does is that it can pick up music around you and relay that music to your smartphone where SoundHound (if you have it installed) will be able to identify it for you, and send the track title and artist to your watch to be displayed. Not exactly a smartwatch, but it should get the job done.

The watch will also be able to control music playback with the rotary dial on its side. Apart from that the watch should be like most G-Shock watches in terms of its drop resistance, water resistance, and so on. The watch will be priced at around $223 and is expected to be made available in Japan from September 19th onwards.

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