Fujitsu dual-screen touch smartphone

[CEATEC 2010] If a dual-monitor setup can improve our productivity with computers (it’s pretty much proven), could it make our smartphones better too? Maybe. Fujitsu has been playing with a dual-display touch phone that aims to make your experience better because you can see more information at once. When using it vertically or horizontally, you can split your content across two screens, just like you would do with a multi-monitor PC. For photo galleries and long web pages, that’s pretty convenient. Applications can also choose to use the two screens for two separate types of data, like what the Nintendo DS does. Two-player games are also an option of course. The only potential downside that we can see is that the power consumption might be much higher than on a single-display phone. At the moment, this is a concept, so don’t expect to see this in stores anytime soon. Video after the jump.

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