Docomo Tai Heart tells you if you're really in love

[CEATEC 2010] it’s hard to go to Japan without reporting about bizarre (but fun!) tech concepts: Docomo’s Tai Heart (not sure what that means) is a small device that you can use while talking to your recent date on the phone (and possibly soon to be significant other). The heart will read your vital signs (heartbeat… a popular thing in Asia) and analyze the data. It will tell you if you’re really in love with the other person, or if a few more dates might be necessary… The main feedback that we have seen is the LED glow inside the heart, but other pictures suggest that it might vibrate as well. In an ideal situation, the couple should each have one, in which case, data can be communicated via Bluetooth (heart to phone) and 3G (phone to phone) to let your S.O know what you feel (might or might not be advised…). Think of it as a love translator or a lie detector – it’s your call, really.

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