Microsoft’s New Temporary CEO Expected To Be Kevin Turner [Report]

Ever since Microsoft announced their current CEO, Steve Ballmer, would be exiting the company within the next year, the hunt for his replacement has been going on behind the scenes. With last week’s report of Microsoft CEO candidate Stephen Elop considering to sell the company’s Xbox business and kill off Bing, we’re sure many of you were hoping he wouldn’t take the CEO position. According to a new report, it looks […]

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Retiring Within A Year

When most people think of Steve Ballmer, they probably think of Microsoft second, with the first image being a high-energetic employee who always gave his all during his speeches. Today, Microsoft has announced the legendary Steve Ballmer will be retiring from his CEO position within the year.

Tim Cook Confirms Apple Looking Into New Categories For 2013 Products

During this afternoon’s Apple shareholder meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed the company is “looking at new categories” for 2013 and believes it’s been “an incredible year of innovation.” Cook gave no additional information as to what these new categories are, but he followed that remark by adding “we don’t talk about them, but we’re looking at them.” A number of rumored Apple products that stray away from what the […]

Tim Cook: “Apple is not going to change”

Steve Jobs stepping down as CEO of Apple was a pretty big surprise to a lot of people, but his successor of choice came as a no-brainer. Tim Cook has been acting CEO quite a number of times when Steve Jobs had to go away due to health-related issues. While it hasn’t been officially announced why Steve Jobs decided to leave his post this time around; it looks like we’ll […]


NVIDIA CEO: MacBook Air is the template for laptops of the future

According the the CEO of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang, laptops in the future will all resemble the Apple MacBook Air – lightweight, thin and extremely portable. His prediction happened over a phone conversation with the folks at CNet, and here’s what he was quoted saying: “You’ll have trouble finding one that doesn’t look like the MacBook Air. I think the MacBook Air is a good mental image of what a clamshell […]

Nokia is a burning platform

Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop recently sent out an interesting memo to Nokia’s employees and in it he describes the dire situation that Nokia is in. He compares the company to a story of a man who is on a burning platform and has to jump in order to survive the fire. Nokia is described as the burning platform and the flames that are burning it are Nokia’s competitors – Google’s […]

Google shuffles top leadership, CEO to be executive chairman

While Steve Jobs takes a step into the background with the latest news that he is going to concentrate on nursing his health, another Silicon Valley giant, Google, will also be dabbling in some reshuffling of its own as well where top tier leadership is concerned. Google has just announced in conjunction with its 29% rise in fourth-quarter profit, that co-founder Larry Page will assume the role of chief executive […]

Nokia appoints Stephen Elop as new CEO

Nokia has just gotten hold of soon-to-be ex-Microsoft employee, Stephen Elop, to be their new CEO as well as President from September 21st onwards. Currently, Elop heads Microsoft’s Business Division and has had stints with Juniper Networks, Adobe Systems, and Macromedia. Hailing from the Great White North, we do hope that the leadership transition for the Finnish company will help them get back into the smartphone game. For those who […]

Digital Media CEO Showcase (Always On Summit at Stanford)

By Ravit Lichtenberg (blog) – We are at the Digital Media CEO showcase where it is an interesting mix of mobile, nanotechnology, and consumer efficiency and advertising companies. Highlights from six companies — each given 6 minutes to present, are provided below. Modiv Technology Digital media in the grocery store. Facilitating shopping experience in the grocery store through behavior, location, history analysis and purchase enablement. Shoppers walk around with the […]