Digital Media CEO Showcase (Always On Summit at Stanford)

By Ravit Lichtenberg (blog) – We are at the Digital Media CEO showcase where it is an interesting mix of mobile, nanotechnology, and consumer efficiency and advertising companies. Highlights from six companies — each given 6 minutes to present, are provided below.

Modiv Technology
Digital media in the grocery store.

Facilitating shopping experience in the grocery store through behavior, location, history analysis and purchase enablement. Shoppers walk around with the Modiv “Zapper” and scan the product SKU for automatic tally. The system provides targeted promotions and discounts on relevant products.


The digital “Yellow Pages” that provides large scale, agnostic, platform resembling a shopping mall for digital advertising, optimizing media across anything with a display. WebVisible is a solution which enables a normalized process to procure media and have push-means of advertising over multiple devices. WebVisible has global and local products, leverages predictable marketplace and the way people define their own neighborhoods—defining local the way people define local.


Digital marketing solution with geo targeted interactive ad distribution that facilitates lead generation and brand exposure for local businesses. Like many businesses with local focus, Jivox uses direct sales through telesales and the web, provide a white-label solution, and analytics.

Realizing the power of nanotechnology.

Nanosys has been on our radar for a number of years now. It is a 10-year old company creating with nanotechnology solutions for existing problems. Nanosys says it transcends the physical limitations of today’s raw materials by resetting boundaries for manufacturers and getting more from existing manufacturer processes.
Demand from consumers and due to innovation curve are growing; using architected materials, Nanosys provides a way to reduce needed for new raw materials.
Examples solutions include a denser and more reliable flash memory, true LED light

Telltale Games

An award winning games company co-founded by Lucas Arts alumni and focused on episodic games produced by the company. Catering to the changing demographics. Go after popular licenses with existing fan bases who seek high quality, interactive, evolving games. Telltale has proprietary technology such as 3D graphic engine, real time interactive features, and other.


Mobile office solutions estimated to be distributed on more than 100M smartphones in netbooks in 2010.From any internet connected device, QuickOffice allows connection across all source of user data through a connected office model allowing search/access to local and remote files (through desktop or any cloud) preview/view, edit/sync back, collaborate with others, and of course, share with others.

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