Thin laptopsAccording the the CEO of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang, laptops in the future will all resemble the Apple MacBook Air – lightweight, thin and extremely portable. His prediction happened over a phone conversation with the folks at CNet, and here’s what he was quoted saying:

“You’ll have trouble finding one that doesn’t look like the MacBook Air. I think the MacBook Air is a good mental image of what a clamshell laptop will look like. They’ll be thin because you won’t need any heat pipes, the fan, and extra batteries to lug around.”

If it really turns out to be the case, do you think Apple has designers they send into the future to research how laptops are going to look like and return to the present day to design them? But with tablets and smartphones predicted to render laptops and computers obsolete in the future, we might not even see laptops in the future. I guess we’ll have a couple more years to find out. What do you think?

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