CES 2011 Day 2 Round Up

[CES 2011] Here’s a quick wrap up of Day 2 on all our CES posts, but do remember that we have regular news splattered in between. Quick question – how many of you out there are interested in picking up a Verizon Wireless iPhone? So far mutterings on the ground and the shuttle buses have people pledging their allegiance to Verizon the moment this handset is announced. There are further […]

Samsung Galaxy Player YP-GB1 Preview

Just like its Galaxy Player G50 sibbling, the Galaxy Player YP-GB1 is a PDA/media player that is powered by Android 2.2 (codename FroYo).  Now that Android is enjoying a wide adaption, users are familiar with its interface as imperfect as it might be (to be honest, it’s good enough – I haven’t heard major complaints from regular folks lately – this is always a good sign).The device is oriented towards […]

Eton Road Torq should be compulsory in all vehicles

[CES 2011] The problem with emergencies is you can never quite tell when they’re going to happen, which is why having a quick mind and a game plan prior to that is extremely important. Whenever you’re on the road, it is always good to know that there is a device of sorts that can help you out whenever you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere – and this is where […]

WheeMe your way to a new you

[CES 2011] There is a handful of massage stations around the CES showfloor, and you gotta hand it to those folks who knead and pummel their way through different backs, shoulders and calves throughout the day to keep people refreshed. Well, the model you see here probably has the hardest job on the showfloor – to remain motionless and lie down all day long, letting the WheeMe robot do its […]


myDitto Key makes a splash

[CES 2011] Remember the myDitto home network server that we looked at nearly a year ago? Well, the company behind myDitto have come up with a logical extension known as the myDitto Key. As its name suggests, this unique USB drive will plug into an available USB port on your computer, where it will let you access your myDitto servers remotely. This plug-and-play device will not require any pesky software […]

Triple SIM whammy at CES

[CES 2011] If you’re an avid cell phone fan, then chances are pretty good you will know about Samsung’s affinity to roll out dual SIM feature phones. While we have written about a quad SIM handset before, here is one OEM from China that intends to make headway in the US market with the triple SIM phone. Of course, we’re pretty sure it isn’t going to catch on anytime soon […]

Lenovo Ice looks cool as a cucumber

[CES 2011] Remember our promise to let you know more about the mod, mod world out there from Lenovo? Well, we are making good on our promise with the Lenovo Ice (after bringing you further detail on the Lenovo arcade cabinet), where an IdeaCentre K320 is used at the heart of this mod. Courtesy of James Fislar, the mod boasts an exact acrylic mold of the original chassis, using special […]

Asus Iris concepts point towards interesting future

[CES 2011] Asus certainly loves making concepts a sub-theme at each CES, where we looked at the e-reader and Waveform ideas last year. This time around, it follows the natural progression of getting slimmer and thinner as Asus showcases newer concepts that ought to elicit drool from our future-forward looking readers. First of all, you can tell that these concepts on display are really, really slim – paper thin, in […]

Samsung Galaxy Player YP-G50 Preview

[CES 2011] Apple might be a juggernaut in the “music player” business, but Samsung and other CE manufacturers now have a stable Android platform to work with. The Galaxy Player YP-G50 is an entry-level Android device that is basically a personal digital assistant, and is also a media player. Take a Galaxy Android phone, remove the wireless radio and associated hardware (leave WIFI) and you get a Galaxy player. You […]

Panasonic Viera Connect Tablet and App Store

[CES 2011] Panasonic was demonstrating its app store that lets Viera TV users download games and play directly on the TV (from the Tablet). All it takes to play is to have a wireless game controller (from Panasonic?). This is a big deal for Panasonic as games and video content are among the highest money-making items in most app-stores. The company also plans to launch 3 Android Tablets (4”, 7”, […]

OpenPeak shows off 7″ Intel Atom Moorestown tablet

[CES 2011] OpenPeak and Intel were showing a 7” Tablet that uses Moorestown, the next-generation uber-low power Intel Atom processor (CPU). This is relative to Intel’s previous generation of Atom CPUs, of course. The Tablet has a fun design, and did attract its share of curious users on the show floor. It runs on Android 2.2 at the moment, but this could change from now to the official launch, which […]

Tacto display offers unlimited multi-touch

[CES 2011] Never mind that the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) is going on at the same time as CES, the Tacto LCD display you see above? We’re pretty sure that it gets a whole lot more gropes and touches than even the biggest porn star at AEE. Why do we say so? This OEM module offers 46” of touchscreen goodness, and it is said to be able to handle an unlimited […]

Challenge HAL from Cyberdyne helps you get around again

[CES 2011] Cyberdyne demonstrated their really interesting assistive technology known as the Challenge HAL. HAL, a Hybrid Assistive Limb, will sense your intention and provide the relevant assistance at the right joints, where it will definitely come in handy when helping the less able out in daily activities such as exercise, recuperative therapy, medical care and welfare fields. Not only that, if I had something like this to wear, it […]

Current Cost EnviR smart monitor lets you pinpoint power guzzlers around home

[CES 2011] Do you have a heart for the environment? If that is the case, then you will probably want to know just how much juice individual appliances around your home suck up each and every single day. This device is not only capable of monitoring individual appliances around your home, but also provide a full utility metering ability for your convenience, helping you zoom down on various sectors around […]