NEC LT-W dual screen cloud communicator

[CES 2011] Are you looking for an e-book reader or a tablet device? Why not get both in a single device? That is possible with the NEC LT-W dual screen cloud communicator, where it boasts two 7” LCD displays that is packaged as a paperback book form factor. It ain’t too heavy either at 530 grams, while the wide viewing angle LCD displays make it easy on your eyes to […]

CES 2011 Day 3 Round Up

[CES 2011] Here is a wrap up of today’s CES coverage, with other interesting stories slotted in between. Cars, cables, lamps and tablets – we’ve got it all. Is there anything you’d like us to check out and feature tomorrow? Just drop us a comment and we’ll do our best to include it in the next day’s coverage.BlackBerry PlayBook Video Qualcomm says “Let there be light!” with Mirasol Display The […]

Hyundai Blue Link telematics platform makes driving dumber

[CES 2011] Yeah, you read that right – the Blue Link telematics platform from Hyundai is definitely a new idea that might just change the way we drive our cars, but it might make driving much more enjoyable as well. Strangely enough, we do think it might end up like some sort of video game (since it looks like that in the video), and that might just cause some of […]

iSONIC cane for the virtually impaired

[CES 2011] So the iSONIC cane might use ultrasonic sensors to detect whatever’s around you within a 7-foot radius, it won’t turn you into Daredevil just yet. As mentioned, it will use the two ultrasonic sensors located on the handle of the iSONIC which is capable of detecting obstacles within a 2 meter distance, 55 degrees vertically, and 25 degrees horizontally, where it will let you know how close you […]


Hyundai Nuvis hails from outer space

[CES 2011] This is another conceptual vehicle from Hyundai that seem to hail from some sort of alien planet, what with its organic looking insides and blue curved lines all over. Check out the gullwing style door, sporting breakthrough lithium polymer battery technology to help Hyundai fulfill their pledge to lead all brands in US fuel economy in four years’ time. The Nuvis concept will feature a proprietary parallel hybrid […]

Lady Gaga’s Polaroid GL20 glasses

[CES 2011] Aren’t these the coolest pair of glasses ever? Yup, Lady Gaga’s very own pair of eyewear by Polaroid features individual 1.5” OLED displays on each eye, so you don’t need to wear a bacon inspired dress to a social function nor be scantily clad to have people look your way. Just put on a pair of these and you’re good to go. Of course, they not only draw […]

MakerBot 3D printer looks like a win

[CES 2011] Are you the creative type who hoped that you have a 3D printer in order to realize your designs from paper to an actual device/toy? Well, that dream can now be realized with the MakerBot, a highly affordable open source 3D printer. It works great with churning out just about anything as long as it remains within the 100mm x 100mm x 100mm boundaries. MakerBots will print on […]

Audi A1 e-tron goes the distance

[CES 2011] This is one prototype that we wish it would enter production, but according to the Audi showfloor people, this model is set to remain in the prototype stage forever. Bummer! We were extremely interested in the full LCD display dashboard that is simply stunning to the eyes, where it will change dynamically depending on what mode the A1 e-tron is in. This four seater will hopefully be the […]

Audi R8 e-tron wows the crowd

[CES 2011] If you’re currently going through a middle age crisis and wish you had the wheels to back up your manliness, then chances are pretty good that you won’t go wrong with the Audi R8 e-tron. Just take a look at this puppy and you will need a tissue to wipe away all of that drool. Bugatti Veyron owners might call you a third of a man since it […]

TCL brings Android-powered TV you can control without a remote

[CES 2011] Since the explosion of the Kinect, it looks like getting everything in your house to work like the computers in Minority Report is but a step away. At least the folks at The Creative Life (TCL) seem to think so. At CES this year, TCL unveiled an unreleased Android-powered TV with motion sensors to let users operate the TV without using a remote control. With the flick of […]

Yantouch Jelly lamps help to set the mood of your room

[CES 2011] Remember the Yantouch JellyFish lamp reported back in 2009? Well at CES this year, the Taiwanese company has turned up at the event with even more awesome Jelly lamps on display. The JellyFish Black is a table lamp with a small touch panel that allows you to control its colors, brightness, and speed. The lamp displays up to 16 million colors so you know you’ll always be able […]

The Reycom REC 7 is a Windows-powered smart TV box

[CES 2011] Looks like stories about Microsoft coming out with their own smart TV box turned out to be true. Over at CES this week, Microsoft has revealed its own set top box TV solution that runs on Windows Embedded Standard (based on Windows 7) and Windows Media center. One of the boxes, REC 7, will be manufactured by Reycom, a Swiss company and will feature a TV tuner, access […]

Qualcomm says “Let there be light!” with Mirasol Display

[CES 2011] Competition in the e-book reader market heats up, and Qualcomm does look as though they have a winner here with the 5.7” Mirasol Display. This is a purely a reflective screen that boasts a resolution of 1024 x 768 at 4:3 aspect ratio, and frankly, it does look pretty good from what we’ve seen on the showfloor. There is no word on which hardware manufacturer Qualcomm will tie […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Video

[CES 2011] Tablets galore yet again – this time round we have Research In Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook, and here is a video of it in action for those who are curious to know more about it. The interface is pretty smooth flowing – much faster than Android’s even when there are plenty of icons on the display. I tried it out for a bit, and came away impressed as it […]