[CES 2011] Novatel Wireless’ were showcasing a bunch of their portable network devices, among them the MiFi box (if you can call it that considering its size) which is tiny enough to hold a microSD memory card to carry your files as well as the ability to beam a standard definition video over to a compatible device (which must be Wi-Fi enabled) without suffering from any lag whatsoever. Sounds great, but with so many people now used to HD movies and videos, will their eyes be able to get back to Standard Definition (SD)? Perhaps it might work with developing markets that haven’t fully experienced the clarity and sharpness of HD, who knows?

Apart from that, Novatel also has three more MiFi boxes from Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. Of course, it depends on the carrier on how much these puppies will cost, where they more or less create an automatic wireless hotspot for your family and friends to connect to. Sounds fun, but make sure that your computer is well protected in case someone out there is sniffing for unsecured networks to hack into. Hey – sharing is caring, isn’t it? Guess the same applies to a wireless network, too.

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