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Today's children are the "Touch Generation"
Spend some time walking around some cafes or restaurants in the city and you might notice more and more kids these days have access to touchscreen devices be it their own or those belonging to their parents. A couple of decades ago, the same situation would have been completely different. Think back to when you were younger – were you playing with your parents’ beepers or cellphones? I think not. […]

The Mini Seven turns your kid into the envy of the whole school
If you have a kid who is into cars and racing, the Mini Seven from Micro Electric Vehicles will probably make his/her dreams come true. It’s no Ferrari, but it will allow you kid to experience the joys of driving before the legal age. The Mini Seven is hand-built and proportionally accurate to a real car and is powered by a small petrol Honda HP motor. It can hit a […]

ZAZOO Photo Clock teaches young kids about telling time
If your kids are having trouble telling the time and what they should be doing at certain hours of the day (i.e. be in bed by 9pm), ZAZOO’s Photo Clock was built to solve that problem. Designed to help children who don’t know how to read the time yet, this Photo Clock comes with a set of pre-programmed images that show up on the screen depending on the time of day. […]

AmberWatch SafeText keeps you informed of your children’s texts
Protext Mobility has just announced the launch of their new app for Android devices called SafeText. The aim of the app? To enable and empower parents with an “easy to use, robust set of tools and features designed to help and protect and manage their children’s text messaging activities against cyber-bullying and other threats that exist in the digital world.” Basically this app gives parents the ability to monitor whatever […]


LeapFrog brings tablet computing to kids with LeapPad Explorer
It’s no surprise that tablets are rapidly turning from a niche computing device into something that’s owned by everyone, and LeapFrog are embracing this fact by bringing the device to kids. They have just announced the LeapPad Explorer – a multifunctional learning tablet that aids kids in learning, digital reading, and personal creativity. The LeadPad works just like an “adult tablet” except that it comes preloaded with edutainment apps aimed […]

Genius’ Kids Designer Tablet brings out the artist in your child
Want to bring out the inner artist in your child or are you just tired of your kids making a mess when the draw on your table cloth and magazines around the house? Genius has come up with the perfect solution to this problem. Called the Kids Designer Tablet, this tablet is meant to introduce your kids aged 3-8 to the world of tablet computing. The tablet comes with software […]

Kids nowadays learn tech skills before life skills
According to a new study done by AVG, the internet security company – Kids are more likely to have learnt tech skills before they learn life skills. From the results of their study, they have discovered that more children can play a computer game than ride a bike, use a smartphone app instead of tying their shoelace, and open a web browser than swim unaided! Talk about a different lifestyle […]

Kaleidescape Introduces Its First User Interface For Children
Kaleidescape Inc, the market leader in movie servers has introduced the industry’s first user interface designed specifically for young children that can be utilized via the Kaleidescape System and Kaleidescape Child Remote. The concept itself is pretty simple, as the system will present a different user interface to the user, depending on which remote control is used. When the Child Remote is used, the on-screen user interface will switch to […]

Hellophone keeps kids occupied, your phone remains safe
Since everyone and their uncle these days seem to own an iPhone, it also goes without saying that spotting an iPhone in the hands of a kid is a common sight, although having said kid treat the iPhone as a sledgehammer is another matter altogether. Why not make sure your smartphone of choice remains pristine, while you give your offspring the Hellophone? This unqiue clamshell form factor handset is also […]

BoostApak lets your kid carry his own load
You know that when it comes to safety of your offspring, you would spare no expense. Hence, booster seats in your vehicle are a must, since it helps buckle up your little ones safe and sound during a long journey. How about letting them carry their own load instead when they arrive at their destination? This is made possible thanks to the BoostApak, since it comes with a hard plastic […]