Baby with computerAccording to a new study done by AVG, the internet security company – Kids are more likely to have learnt tech skills before they learn life skills. From the results of their study, they have discovered that more children can play a computer game than ride a bike, use a smartphone app instead of tying their shoelace, and open a web browser than swim unaided! Talk about a different lifestyle we had when we were younger compared to kids now. There is tech gender divide between young boys and girls so it shows both girls and boys use the computer and smartphones as much as each other. What a different world we live in these days. This trend of a techno-savvy generation means that parents will have to start educating their kids at a younger age on how to use the internet responsibly (the dangers of malware, viruses etc) – something that a lot of parents themselves don’t know. How many of you have found yourselves learning something new about technology from a much younger sibling or relative?

[image credit: ycorpblog]

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