With the iPhone 12, Apple made the decision not to include a charger with the phone. The company claims that it was done for environmental reasons, although at the same time, we imagine that the company is probably turning a tidy little profit selling its chargers that offer fast-charging separately.

While a lot of people around the world might be grumbling about the lack of chargers, it seems that over in China, the company has been sued over it. This lawsuit was filed against Apple by a group of university students in China where they are challenging Apple’s claims that not bundling the charger will help save the environment.

According to the students, they claim that since Apple includes a USB-C to Lightning cable, it makes it incompatible with other chargers in the market. Apple argued back that it’s common for phone makers to sell their phones and chargers separately, but the students claim that other phone manufacturers, such as those in China, offer packages where users can choose whether they want an adapter or not.

That being said, China isn’t the only place in the world where Apple is facing these complaints. Just last month, Brazilian regulators announced plans to investigate Apple over these complaints. We’re not sure if eventually customers will get used to the lack of a charger, or if Apple will eventually cave and bring it back, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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