Do you happen to love all things high tech? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would definitely fall in love with what Zach Burhop has done, where the has decided to soup up his Christmas tree with 3D printed ornaments, and not only that, he has also ensured that this tree is Arduino-powered for that extra touch of geekiness. Burhop’s day job is an aerospace engineer and industrial designer, and he decided to make use of his own talents in order to devise a special Christmas tree that he calls his own. Since it comes in white, it makes for an interesting backdrop for a variety of 3D printed ornaments, and one of them would be the Superman logo.

Burhop made use of the Solidoodle 3D printer to make sure that whoever drops by his place this Yuletide season will be able to experience a little bit of cheer or have something to marvel at. Neighbors around him, too, would applaud at his clever engineering skills, resulting in a tree that would be difficult to beat where its high tech capability is concerned. Christmas is definitely a season of giving, although here are times when some items which will elicit a good laugh or two helps make it all the more cheerful.

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