New Acer Chromebook 11 Combines Rugged Design And Enhanced Performance

Acer today announced the launch of a performance-minded Chromebook aimed at education and business customers. The Acer Chromebook 11 C771 is the first Chromebook on the market to be powered by Intel’s 6th generation Core and Celeron processors. The chips are packed inside a rugged body and can get up to 13 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Acer’s New Chromebook Blends Portability With Style

Acer has launched the newest model in its Chromebook 11 line at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 today, the new Chromebook brings a much more durable design that also features a premium nano-imprinted cover and blends that with robust everyday performance to make the new Chromebook a great option for those looking for an excellent on-the-go computing device.

Google And HP Recall HP Chromebook 11 Chargers

Recalls are no fun, and they definitely do not do any kind of justice or favors to the particular device in question, either. After all, who would want to purchase goods from a company that rolls out defective items in the future? Well, people do make some mistakes at times, and Google as well as HP happen to be the guilty party this time around with a recall of the […]

Dell Chromebook 11 Announced

What do you think of Dell products so far? Have they managed to live up to your expectations? Well, here we are with word that Dell has already unveiled their very first Chrome OS device, which so happens to be the Chromebook 11. The Dell Chromebook 11 is an 11.6” notebook that will tip the scales at 2.9 pounds, not exactly extremely lightweight, but still far lighter than most of […]


HP Chromebook 11 Sales Stopped, Overheating Chargers To Blame

We did report earlier on concerning the number of HP Chromebook 11 units which were yanked off the shelves of Best Buy as well as other retailers. Back then, not a single reason was given at all, but it seems that time has proven to be the great teacher yet again as we discovered that the reason these Chromebook 11s were removed from store shelves is this – overheating chargers, […]