dell-chromebooksWhat do you think of Dell products so far? Have they managed to live up to your expectations? Well, here we are with word that Dell has already unveiled their very first Chrome OS device, which so happens to be the Chromebook 11. The Dell Chromebook 11 is an 11.6” notebook that will tip the scales at 2.9 pounds, not exactly extremely lightweight, but still far lighter than most of the other standard issue notebooks that cost within the affordable price range for average Joes. The Chromebook 11 was specially constructed and developed with students being the main target group, and you can also download the Wyse PocketCloud app from the Chrome Web Store that ought to make life easier for both students and teachers alike to share their work online.

Underneath the hood, the Chromebook 11 will feature a 1.4GHz Celeron processor (say goodbye to playing games on high graphics here) alongside 4GB RAM and a 16GB solid state drive – basically a functional notebook that is solely meant for word processing, simple Internet surfing, and perhaps communicating via Skype or other IM services. Dell claims that the Chromebook 11 will arrive with a 10-hour battery life, where it will only ship to the US and the UK from January onward. A 2GB RAM model is also available for those who are more cost conscious, and that model will arrive in Q1 2014. Chances are, it will retail for $300 at most for the 2GB RAM model. [Press Release]

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