shinraWhile Square Enix is busy preparing some of the finalizations for upcoming Final Fantasy titles, does this mean that the game studio is not looking elsewhere to deliver some stunning products? Apparently, at the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix has lifted the veil concerning Shinra Technologies. Shinra Technologies happen to be a new cloud gaming business that will be helmed by Yoichi Wada, who so happens to be the former president of Square Enix.

Shinra Technologies would definitely sound extremely familiar to those who live and breathe Final Fantasy 7, as it was named after a similar organization from that particular game, having its headquarters in New York City, coupled with offices that are located in Tokyo and Montreal. Having worked alongside Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios, who so happens to have offices in New York, they intend to develop games and technology together.

Wada claims that this new company will provide a “new ecosystem for the games industry.” Is cloud gaming going to be the big kahuna for the future? Only time will be able to tell for sure, but at least we get to see different efforts being attempted. In fact, Wada targets 2016 as a key year when it comes to cloud gaming – do you share his sentiment or sense of optimism? Expect a beta service from Shinra Technologies to kick off in the US some time next year.

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