onedrive-updateHow much of the cloud do you rely on these days? There are so many different options for the end user out there, and Microsoft’s OneDrive is one of them, with this cloud-storage service functioning as a “bridge” of sorts to hook up its products alongside competing platforms like iOS and Android. Not only that, the OneDrive now sports the ability for one to share photos via that bridge so that your photo managing experience will be a whole lot easier, not to mention making it a snap to print photos, too.

Microsoft has also ensured that there no longer is the need to have the Xbox Live gold requirement in order to make use of OneDrive on the Xbox One. This is a new non-requirement that has already come into effect, and not only that, when you mention, “Xbox, Go to OneDrive,” you will be greeted by the most recent photos. Windows Phone users will be able to experience automatic upload of high-resolution images by default, so you might want to take note of that if you tend to guard your privacy with a jealous zeal. After all, we would not want to have potentially compromising photos of yourself in high resolution making their way online unknowingly, right? Do you think that OneDrive is moving in the right direction? [Press Release]

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