eyefi-cloudWe have seen our fair share of Eyefi products in the past, and this time around, the global leader in digital camera connectivity has unveiled Eyefi Cloud. This is not a personal project by Nick Fury, but rather, Eyefi Cloud happens to be a private photo-centric cloud service which would allow recently captured photos to be instantly available on a smartphone, tablet, PC or smart TV. Yes sir, the Eyefi Cloud was specially designed to cater for photo enthusiasts who would need the superior image quality that digital cameras provide but do not want to be shackled by the time-consuming processes that are required to enjoy such photos across multiple devices.

The introduction of Eyefi Cloud alongside the Eyefi Mobi wireless SD card and Eyefi Mobi apps, would allow just about every picture to be organized and instantly accessible, regardless of where one is – as long as there is a decent Internet connection in the vicinity, of course.

The new Eyefi offerings will comprise of a full range of photo related services including the ability to add wireless functionality to any digital camera, in addition to sending images from camera to mobile device or desktop in a jiffy, to be able to automatically synchronize photos to all devices in order for a future viewing or editing venture, to share your favorite shots with friends and family alike sans any pesky registration prior, as well as organize photos from multiple cameras.

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