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Coby Gets A Change In Management, Existing Warranties Are Now Worthless
Have you ever heard of the consumer electronics company Coby before? Well, they do churn out budget-oriented devices from time to time, ranging from MP3 players all the way to tablets and TVs, and have been in business for over two decades. Unfortunately, life is a very fickle thing, and it was earlier this summer that the company fell on hard times, which subsequently allowed the Gordon Brothers Group to […]

Coby MID7065 Android Tablet Now Available For $139
Remember the Coby MID7065 tablet that was announced at CES 2013 earlier this month? Well, if you’ve been eyeing on the tablet since its debut, you might want to hear that the Android tablet is now available for purchase. The Coby MID7065 tablet is now available via retailers J&R and Adorama at a retail price of $139.99 and $139.00, respectively. The Coby MID7065 tablet is a pretty decent tablet that […]

Coby MID7065 Android Tablet
[CES 2013] Three or four CES editions ago when the Android mobile operating system was still rather raw, there were already many small time hardware manufacturers who jumped aboard the Android-powered tablet bandwagon, and since Android has strengthened its position considerably, the slew of Android tablets at CES has not ceased to slow down. Case in point, the Coby MID7065, an Android-powered tablet that features Google Play as well as […]

Coby announces five new Ice Cream Sandwich tablets for Q1 2012
Coby Electronics has made known its plans to be among the first few companies to release Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablets onto the market next year. Today the company announced not one – but five brand new tablets that will enter the market in the first quarter of 2012 and yes, all of them will be running Android Ice Cream Sandwich.The five tablets will all feature the same specs except […]


Coby Kyros MID7024 tablet hits the US
The tablet market is surely a highly competitive one, and it has taken over the role of netbooks – or so it seems, thanks to Apple’s hugely successful iPad release with the slew of Android offerings. Today, we shall look at the Coby Kyros MID7024 tablet device that will run on a 1GHz Samsung S5PV210 ARM Cortex A8 processor which is aided by 512MB RAM and Android 2.2 Froyo as […]

Coby Kyros MID7015 Android-powered tablet
The Coby Kyros MID7015 Android-powered tablet is ready to rock and roll, adding yet another option for those who are looking for an Android-powered tablet just because they are anti-iPad in some way or another. Coby isn’t a name that one would associate with high price tags, so this 7-inch model will not feature top of the line specifications, either, what with 4GB of internal memory, a microSDHC memory card […]

Coby jumps aboard the tablet bandwagon with Kyros
Coby goes all Greek with their latest tablet, the Kyros. This Android 2.1-powered device boasts a 7-inch resistive touchscreen display, and will hook up to your HDTV via HDMI for you to have a go at 1080p videos without missing a beat. The 4GB worth of internal memory might not sound like much, but thankfully Coby’s engineers had the smarts to throw in an SD memory card slot that augments […]

Coby MID810 seen at IFA 2010
Coby’s latest MID, the 810 model has been spotted at IFA 2010. Looks like the company which has had its fair share of non-famous portable media players hit the market over the years will be dabbling in the tablet market. The Coby MID810 will feature an 8-inch TFT display that has resistive touchscreen capability, not to mention the inclusion of buttons that has been built straight into the bezel located […]

Coby Introduces New Snapp Camcorders
Coby has updated its line up to include three yet-to-be-released models, the Coby Snapp CAM4505, CAM3001 and the CAM5001. The good news is that they certainly shouldn’t break the bank, with the most expensive CAM5001 going for $78.99. Said model will sport a 2-inch display, 5-megapixel camera, 4X digital zoom, 128MB of memory (expandable up to 16GB), built-in HDMI connection, and video resolution up to 720p. You’ll also be able […]

Coby unveils new netbook models
Coby has let loose images of 10″ and 12″ netbooks in various pre-order pages for a number of online stores, alongside an 8.9″ model to keep its bigger brethren company. This 8.9″ model will retail for $282.43, and if you have a fetish for long model numbers, you can always make your day by memorizing NBPC892XPBLK. The specifications are more or less vanilla, including its 8.9″ display at 1,204 x […]