cobyHave you ever heard of the consumer electronics company Coby before? Well, they do churn out budget-oriented devices from time to time, ranging from MP3 players all the way to tablets and TVs, and have been in business for over two decades. Unfortunately, life is a very fickle thing, and it was earlier this summer that the company fell on hard times, which subsequently allowed the Gordon Brothers Group to pick up all of Coby’s assets – and this includes its inventory, name, and intellectual property just a couple of months back in August.

It must be noted, however, that Gordon Brothers did not assume any of Coby’s debt or existing obligations. This might sound like it ain’t such a big deal after all, but it is. After all, that would mean its warranties for products that had already been sold are now void, which has subsequently resulted in folks sending messages to Coby concerning their products requiring a fix or warranty replacement, to be met by nothing but silence. I guess it is just too bad if you picked up something from Coby earlier this year, and now that it is broken and supposedly still under warranty, there really isn’t anything else that you can do about it.

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