i Roll concept phone aims to be a space-saver

How would you feel about a phone that is about the size of a pen, and that you could roll up when not in use, and roll out to display a screen when you wish to make your calls or perform tasks on the device? If that got your attention, then the concept i Roll phone by India-based designer, Sudhanwa Chavan, might be something you could be very interested in, and […]

Origami Phone takes folding to another level

No, we’re not talking about PS3’s Folding@home, but rather, this conceptual design by Chengyuan Wei that is known as the Origami phone. What makes this handset stand out clearly from the rest would be its obvious form factor which is quite unlike anything we’ve seen to date, although the fragility of the device does lead us to wonder whether it is worth bringing one home, if possible. After all, the […]

360 concept phone has more than one display

Phones with dual displays are still something new – although the world of portable gaming consoles have already taken that route with the Nintendo DS a few years ago. Well, why not step into the future with this 360 concept handset from design school student Baek Kil Hyun, as it will rely on a pair of smaller displays as “shutters” which will close over the phone’s main screen – in […]

Concept flip phone features three AMOLED touchscreen displays

If you thought that a phone with dual displays was awesome, what would you think of a phone that features three displays? That’s exactly what this concept phone features – three flexible AMOLED touchscreen displays. This phone can be folded into a triangle of sorts, similar to how you’d prop a calendar on your desk. The three displays are attached together with soft steel mesh hinges, which is a nice […]


Gabler concept phone is designed to hang on your bag

Those of you who keep your cell phones buried somewhere inside a bag will probably have been in a scenario where you couldn’t find your phone fast enough when it was ringing. Now a concept design dubbed the Gabler has surfaced, and it’s a phone with a curved/folded design that allows it to be hung over the edge of your purse/bag. Aside from its physical appearance, this phone offers the […]

Envy 4G concept phone looks great

While iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 might be the popular operating systems today, there’s nothing stopping you from dreaming about something new. Designers out there have come up with the Envy 4G concept phone that is powered by the MasterMobile OS, which looks something like what a marriage of Windows Phone 7 and iOS would produce. It’s powered by a Carbon chip that features a CPU and GPU bundled […]

Concept: Neon Gen Phone Sports A Twistable Display

The Neon Gen concept phone is a slim phone that features a rotating display. The phone consists of two parts and can easily be slid open from the side, after which the top half is twisted to reveal a slim display. The display supports touchscreen input and uses clips instead of screws to make assembly easy. The slim design of the phone makes it easy to carry and hopefully won’t […]

Nagisa Phone concept looks good

Mac Funamizu is back with yet another design, and this time round it will be a smartphone known as the Nagisa Phone. A couple of key elements stand out here, where the first would be the dented looking keypad that might remind some of you out there of a wavy seabed, while the other would be a display that literally “turns around the bend”. Why Nagisa? Well, it means beach […]

Mozilla’s Android Seabird Concept Phone is Futuristic

Mozilla is showing its concept phone which combines a number of emerging technologies to add a new dimension to the Android operating system. It includes a Bluetooth earpiece, which integrates an IR sensor so you can wave it around and pan around on the phone just by moving the Bluetooth earpiece, a neat way to navigate the phone’s UI. Another thing that the phone incorporates is dual pico projectors. One […]

Concept: LG 3D Mobile Phone Looks Awesome

It’s easy to understand why so many folks out there love 3D technology, after all, it looks great. This concept LG 3D phone design is pretty cool, giving us a slight glimpse into what a 3D-supporting mobile phone could offer, if we took away all the limitations of today (and probably physics too). The screen can be enlarged by sliding out the display from the center, and there are solar […]

LG Flutter Concept Phone

Concept phones always look interesting, though very often the design isn’t practical for day-to-day use if it were made into a real product. The Flutter was an entrant for LG’s recently concluded Design the Future contest that encouraged users to come up with concept designs. This design didn’t win the competition, though it did manage to grab the Prop Master’s Choice Award. When closed, the Flutter looks quite sleek with […]