How would you feel about a phone that is about the size of a pen, and that you could roll up when not in use, and roll out to display a screen when you wish to make your calls or perform tasks on the device? If that got your attention, then the concept i Roll phone byIndia-based designer, Sudhanwa Chavan, might be something you could be very interested in, and could potentially change the way we look at mobile devices.


The concept of a roll up phone isn’t exactly ludicrous as those who have been following the tech world, probably have come across news reports of prototype displays that are said to be able to bend or fold, so if that were to be put into mass production, then the i Roll phone concept could actually become reality! The phone is said to feature a retractable OLED touch screen that will provide all the necessary functions, and when it is not in use, it will remain folded inside a central column.

The outer casing of the i Roll will also be made up of an OLED surface that will display various information, such as incoming phone calls, emails and messages. The column of the device is also said to change colors to indicate the battery status. The phone is also said to house an expandable memory stick which means it could potentially double up as a thumb drive with USB connectivity.

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