No, we’re not talking about PS3’s Folding@home, but rather, this conceptual design by Chengyuan Wei that is known as the Origami phone. What makes this handset stand out clearly from the rest would be its obvious form factor which is quite unlike anything we’ve seen to date, although the fragility of the device does lead us to wonder whether it is worth bringing one home, if possible. After all, the handset itself remains flat when not in use, but in the event of an incoming call, just press both sides of the handset to pick it up, and the flat cardboard will become a tridimensional handset.


Not the hardiest of handsets in there, and the creases, over time, will wear out – makes us wonder what kind of newfangled battery will be used to power this puppy. The circuitry inside must truly be a wonderful engineering feat to say the least!

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