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Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB SoC Detailed
Microsoft’s Xbox team has unveiled the details of the console’s system-on-a-chip (SoC) that is contained within the new slimmer Xbox 360 250GB console. The chip, produced by IBM/GlobalFoundries 45nm process, is the first mass-market desktop-class processor to combine a CPU, GPU, memory, and I/O logic into a single piece of silicon. The new design means that the chip only sports 372 million transistors, using only 40 percent of the power […]

Techknott Dreamcast Portable Console Mod
There are a great many console mods out there, but how many of them look as good as the Dreamcast portable mod from Techknott? It features a custom-made CNC acrylic case with MDF walls and a PSone LCD display. The console features an original Dreamcast control pad on the front, complete with triggers at the back, not to mention a CD player that is mounted on the back to support […]

PS3 Slim now comes in white with 320GB hard drive
The Sony PS3 Slim has just gotten a new color, and where else but Japan will it be launched first. Of course, apart from the virginal color, Japan will no longer offer 120GB and 250GB hard drives in their PS3s, as the minimum spec now stands at 160GB, while the larger capacity version would be 320GB. These new models will arrive in the Land of the Rising Sun from July […]

Sony PlayStation 3 Console Starts To Generate Profit For The First Time
In what is certainly good news for Sony, it has been confirmed that for the first time since the PlayStation 3 was launched back in 2006, the console has finally become a profitable machine for the company. Granted, Sony isn’t making big bucks from the sales of the console, but the most important thing is that because the hardware is costing considerably less to produce, the company is no longer […]


Xbox 360 Hands-On Photos
We got our hands on the Xbox 360 and here are the real-world images of the beast. First surprise: it looks better than it did during the press event. It has a piano black finish that is exquisite – just like your HDTV (we hope for you). The new design is very cool – literally. The cooling design has been much improved with tons of ways to let air enter […]

GamePark GP2X handheld console gets gutted, modified
John Grayson took apart the GamePark GP2X handheld console by removing its joystick for a D-pad instead, a move that might court some controversy depending on which camp you are on. Apart from that, the GP2X is not longer powered by AA batteries (hello, Game Boy!) but will instead be juiced by a pair of PSP Li-ion cells in lieu to increase your gaming time by more than four hours […]

iNto64 Mod Turns Your N64 Console Into A Portable Device
Want to create your own portable Nintendo 64 gaming console, but can’t figure out how to do so? Well, a user called John Grayson has put up a good 20 videos that provide a step-by-step guide to turn your N64 into a portable console. The modded console uses two Canon BP-915 camcorder batteries to offer you about 3 hours of game time, a Sony PS screen, the N64 console motherboard, […]

Sony Torne For PS3 Selling Very Well In Japan
In a technologically advanced country such as Japan, who would have thought that a digital video recorder attachment for the PS3 would enjoy brisk sales? Well, apparently Sony’s Torne (the aforementioned digital video recorder attachment) is doing just that. The Torne allows you to watch digital terrestrial broadcasting on your PS3, as well as record them for later viewing, which is probably the Japanese equivalent of the European PlayTV. In […]

Swinxs game console arrives Stateside
Mention video game consoles and you will most probably be faced with just a trio of answers – the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3. Well, think again – the Swinxs gaming console is now available Stateside despite it being announced a good two years back, having launched in Europe last year. The Swinxs is touted to offer hours of recreational entertainment through the use of lights and a […]

Nintendo Busy On New Gaming Hardware
Are you still in love with Nintendo’s Wii gaming console? You might be getting a new lover from Nintendo sometime in the near future perhaps, as during the Annual Japan Media Arts Festival, Mario creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, mentioned something about Nintendo’s next hardware release, and confirmed that Nintendo was working on some new hardware. Unfortunately that’s all that was mentioned, as Nintendo generally isn’t going to go around sharing information […]

Portable Atari 2600 fits in the palm of your hand
Want to know the number of devices that can fit into the palm of your hand? Get your mind out of the gutter – we’re talking electronics here, and this DIY portable Atari 2600 fits the bill nicely thanks to efforts by one who calls himself “The Longhorn Engineer”. He took a different route by designing his own circuit board in a new hardware initiative dubbed Project Unity. You will […]

Xbox 360 Transformers All Spark Mod
Almost every guy out there loves Transformers, so what happens when you combine your love for Transformers and an Xbox 360 together? Well, an All Spark Xbox 360 mod is born! This All Spark houses an Xbox 360 inside, and considering that the All Spark was supposed to turn gadgets into robots, you might want to be careful that your Xbox 360 doesn’t suddenly start firing rockets around your room. […]

The Genesis Goes Portable
Still looking for a way to play that stack of old Genesis games that you have stored in the attic? Well, the good news is that you can play them again, and in portable fashion no less, thanks to the new GenMobile by AtGames, which is fully licensed from Sega. Being able accept all your Genesis cartridges is a big plus point, especially if you’ve managed to rack up a […]

Order Pizza From Your PS3
When you’re hooked to your game, it’s easy to not want to leave the couch, and that’s probably what Papa John is trying to capitalize on. What are we talking about? Well, until the Sept 27th, folks will be able to order Papa John’s pizza directly from their PlayStation 3, thanks to a new built-in button, sending gamers to a special pizza website that caters to the console. Of course, […]