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Nintendo 3DS Region Lock: Confirmed
Console and DVD users are very familiar with the region-lock concept: companies divide the world into sub-regions, and make sure that content bought in one region only works there. There are many reasons, but it mainly has to do with price control. This allows the company to sale games for a higher price in countries where the market can afford it, and lower the price in places where the market […]

Portable NES Console lets you play Zelda on the go
If you’re too retro for playing old school games on a modern gaming console like the PSP or your cellphone, this portable NES console mod is just for you. A modder named Doug recently finished creating his own portable NES console, and it looks fantastic. Good thing for us, he detailed the whole process from the start to finish, so if you’re interested in building yourself a portable NES, you […]

Nintendo 3DS available earlier in France?
According to the folks at Akihabara News, some folks in France will be able to get their hands on the Nintendo 3DS gaming console a few days before the official European release – if they have connections to the right people. It wasn’t mentioned why or how it happens, which is assumed to be for the protection of the people involved? But they’ve uploaded a few photographs of the French […]

PlayStation business card case shows your love for the console
If you’ve an owner of the first PlayStation, I’m pretty sure you can remember the countless hours you’ve spent playing it and how much fun you had with the device. Since it was introduced in 1994, it has been succeeded by the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 – the original PlayStation has long since been forgotten. Well thanks to folks over at Takara Tomy Arts, you can now carry a […]


Keep your Nintendo 3DS protected with the Official Expedition Case
The Nintendo 3DS might not be out in the US yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing for its imminent arrival. Power A will be releasing the Official Expedition Case for the 3DS, licensed by Nintendo. The Expedition Case is designed to keep your 3DS protected from bumps and shocks while you’re travelling around and can hold up to 6 Nintendo 3DS games and 2 additional styluses so […]

Circboard text entry for console gaming
Entering text using a console’s gamepad is never an easy task, but the Circboard might be able to make it a little less painful. The system basically splits the letters into segments that can be selected with the left analog stick on an Xbox 360 controller and the right analog stick selecting the specific letter. Shoulder bumpers handle space and backspace keys, while the left trigger toggles the caps. It’s […]

Xbox 360 traded for kidnap victim
Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming console is definitely a useful piece of equipment, but did you ever think of using one to save another human being? Well, reports are in that Allen Begley was kidnapped by his father-in-law and accused of stealing items worth $245 from his business. He was then forced to call family and friends to find the money and his neighbor offered up his Xbox 360, which was […]

Spyder gaming hub to manage your consoles
If you’re anything like us and love gaming, chances are that you’ve got more than one gaming console in your house. Of course, having to manage the different controllers and wires that are used with consoles is never an easy issue, though the Spyder gaming hub might be what you’re looking for. The Spyder features a steel frame structure with storage for games and accessories that is capable of holding […]

Nintendo reveals more 3DS details
The folks over at Wired managed to score an interview with Nintendo and poked around for more details concerning the upcoming 3D handheld console. The glasses-free 3D gaming machine will be arriving in March, but everyone wants to know more about it. Not much was discovered during the interview, it was basically a “wait for the official launch” every response. But here are some of the interesting details: The 3DS […]

iDOS returns to the App Store
For those of you who missed out on purchasing iDOS when it was released on the iTunes App Store last October, and then quickly taken down, guess what? You’ve been given a second chance to download it. For some strange reason, Apple has allowed the MS DOS emulator back onto the App Store as a free app (we’re not complaining) but it has been simplified and it now comes with […]

Flood in Brisbane destroys retro game console collection
If you’re an avid collector of retro video game consoles you’ll probably feel the pain of this poor guy in Brisbane, Australia. Amidst the recent floods that have been happening in that part of the world, the latest one totally wrecked his lifelong collection of retro gaming controls. PC-Engines, old Segas, Nintendo Game & Watch handhelds, game cartridges – you name it, he probably had it (maybe even more than […]

Nintendo has the top selling systems of 2010 in America
Nintendo has just released their sales figures for the year 2010, and it looks like they have sold they’ve sold the most consoles in America last year. Nintendo sold over 2.5 million DS systems and more than 2.3 million Wii systems. Talk about impressive! This puts them as the top console seller, with the top 2 most purchased consoles belonging to them. According to Nintendo’s senior director of Corporate Communications, […]

R2-D2 Casing Houses 10 Consoles And A Projector
We’ve seen some fancy R2-D2 case mods in the past, but this one probably steamrolls most R2-D2 mods out there. We’re talking about a version of R2-D2 that features 10 different consoles, a projector, fancy sound system, blue LED lighting and some more. The back panel allows you to hook up all the consoles at the same time if you so wish to, offering separate audio and video outputs for […]

DIY PS3 Slim Laptop Up For Auction On eBay
If you wanted a portable PS3 but didn’t have the DIY skills to create one yourself, you could always purchase one off the case modders out there, and one such unit is already up for sale on eBay with a starting bid of $1099, or a Buy-It-Now price of $1,499. The console is created from the guts of a PS3 Slim, complete with a 250GB hard drive on board and […]