The world is still pretty much in lockdown at the moment. While there is still some travel taking place, for the most part it is very restricted and people usually need a good reason to travel to another country. We imagine that eventually the world will return to normal, but if anything, the pandemic has shown us that we need to start taking these types of threats a lot more seriously.

One of the things we could see change in the future with regards to sanitization would be the use of robots. In fact, a Swiss startup by the name of UVeya has created robots armed with UV lights that are designed to help clean airplanes. Right now, the robots are being trialed on Swiss airplanes to see their effectiveness.

It is hoped that if the trial proves successful, it could then be adopted by other airline companies for use in their sanitization process, which in turn could then restore the confidence in people that it might be safe to travel again. The use of UV light to kill viruses isn’t exactly new, but like we said, the pandemic has certainly shown us that this is something we need to be aware of in the future to avoid similar outbreaks again.

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