As vaccines for the coronavirus are starting to make their way around the world, there are still many questions that have yet to be answered. For example, does getting vaccinated mean that a person will no longer be capable of being infected, or if they are infected, are still considered to be contagious?

According to a recent study conducted in Israel using Pfizer/BioNTech’s vaccine, it suggests that the company’s vaccine could actually be more effective than we think. So much so that apparently based on the initial study, the vaccine is effective enough to trigger an immunity so strong that it could actually prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

The study was conducted in the Sheba Medical Centre in Tel Aviv where they tested 102 hospital staff members who received both doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. The results showed that 100 of the staff members who received the vaccine generated 20 times more antibodies within a week of the second dose compared to COVID-19 survivors. It suggested that these antibody levels are high enough where it would be capable of neutralizing the virus in an actual encounter to the point where it would prevent transmission.

However, before we get too excited, note that this is just an initial study and it is also a relatively small sample, so it can hardly be considered as definitive. However, it is still somewhat good news as the world continues to fight and attempt to recover from the pandemic.

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